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    About Compatabilities..

    Uh.. So, anyone know where should I start now I know my hardware? I'm confused which one to follow between these guides: Install MAC OS X on any intel-based PC and Dual Boot: Windows 7 and MAC OS X I want to dual boot my PC with Windows 7 and MAC Thanks!
  2. 지안

    About Compatabilities..

    Thanks again! So my hardware's compatible isn't it? I hope to see a step by step tutorial for my system soon
  3. 지안

    About Compatabilities..

    Here: GeForce 8400 GS 256mb
  4. I've already read the HELP I'M A NOOB! thread however, I didn't understand completely so I just want to make sure about the hardware compatibilities. Here's my CPUID: How about the video card? My video card is GeForce 8400 GS, is it compatible? Anymore compatibility requirements besides the hardware? Thanks!
  5. nice desktops you have there guys! Wait til' I installed mine XD
  6. 지안

    Check out this Grape iMac!

    awesome build! gotta try this one!
  7. So far I've tried Photoshop CS5. Unfortunately, Premiere and After Effects CS5 requires 64-bit OS T_T
  8. 지안

    OpenCL Info

    Thanks! ^^