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    TeamViewer suddenly not working

    this is off the subject, but what is a "hackintosh"?
  2. capt. kirk


    could you clarify or more fully explain how to get the apple symbol...i am a newbie and was reviewing posts so that i can get my required 5 replies in order to start a new thread and noticed your "btw". really cool but i don't understand
  3. i need drivers for 5400c for mac osx 10.5 it does not work with osx 10.5 i encountered same problem...don't mind spending the 10 bucks to buy the cd but hp does not indicate if it will work with my os 10.5 and they won't answer my e-mail queries
  4. capt. kirk

    Video capture software?

    use the student version of final cut pro...very cheap if you buy an old version on e-bay.