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    Ciao a tutti!! intanto grazie in anticipo premetto che sta roba mi sta mandando al manicomio!! riepilogo la mia situazione per maggior chiarezza, sperando che qualcuno riesca ad aiutarmi: Patchato DSDT con DSDTpatcher: 0 Errors, 6 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 53 Optimizations. Seguendo la guida di Scrax per la P5K sono riuscito ad eliminare gli Warning. Ho fatto tutte le modifiche base. devo continuare? cosa non devo fare? 1) CPU (E8400) non ricosciuta. Senza smbios.plist avevo un iMac8,1 + "Core 2 Solo", dopo averne generato uno con Lizard invece ho un MacPro3,1 + "Unknow" ma cmq 1 core soltanto riconosciuto. 2) Per abilitare lo SpeedStep ho dato un'okkiata qui http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=199816 OLDNAPALM mi ha detto: - About SpeedStep, you don't need to add the _PSS. Just adding _CST as in the first post you will have 2 working P-states (0 and 3). => uso questo metodo? non ho capito se e dove devo aggiungere (senza incollare) tutta sta roba e se devo cancellare qualcosa. oppure uso il metodo descritto da Scrax? l'unica cosa è che non sò quali valori utilizzare... con voodoo monitor ho notato che il moltiplicatore passa da x6(40°) a x9(50°) se vedo un video su youtube in FullHD. - OLDNAPALM: You can patch method _PTS to fix shutdown. => ?? - OLDNAPALM: For device SATA, I use ID 2681, but I guess 3A22 will work also. => ???? 3) se tolgo SleepEnabler lo sleep non va. 4) se tolgo StorageInjector ho le icone gialle 5) se tolgo NullCPUpm becco KP unsupported CPU Spero di non essere andato off topic... Aiutatemi smbios.plist.zip dsdt.dsl.zip
  2. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    The video cards Sparkle 9400gt & 9500GT work simply with "Chameleon RC4" + "GraphicEnabler" in com.apple.Boot.plist. Other GPU like nVidia GTX275 need NVenabler.kext or EFI-STRING. Now I will try to explain how to extract NVCAP from your VGA bios, which then you need to generate the EFI STRING. first get yourself a usb stick. they are so cheap now imo everyone should have at least one of them instead of a floppy drive. you will need to download 2 pieces of software in order to do this. ive uploaded both of them for you. >1st is a small utility from hp to make a usb stick bootable: http://rapidshare.com/files/112382685/SP27608.zip >2nd is the actual bootable files you need to add to the usb stick: http://rapidshare.com/files/112382778/bootme.zip Making a bootable DOS USB Key: 1) Extract and nstall the HP USB Drive program. 2) Extract the DOS boot files somewhere just remember where you extracted them. Let's for now say we extracted them to C:\bootme\ (if you do not have this directory it will prompt if it should make it answer yes or extract them someplace you know where they will be. remember we will need to find these in a minute) 3) Run the hp utility from windows. (VISTA: You need to start the HP Drive Key Program as an administrator by RIGHT CLICKING the icon and selecting "Run as Administrator"). 4) Insert a USB stick and it should install the drivers automatically if this is the first time using it, if not they should already be installed now. Backup if need!!!! 5) in the hp "drive key" program Choose FAT32 as the filesystem. call the volume whatever you want i call mine dosboot, but it doesn't matter. Under "Format Options" check the box next to "Quick Format" and "Create a DOS startup disk" . Choose the button next to "Using DOS system files located at:" and click the little browse button "..." next to the blank and navigate to C:\bootme (or wherever you extracted the DOS boot files earlier). Click OK. Now click "Start" and the HP Drive Key utility will turn your USB device into a bootable DOS disk! It will popup a window asking you to confirm! answer ok and it will continue. 6) Extract then copy the folder NVFLASH to USB stick. Copy NVCAPMaker.zip to USB stick. Restart and boot from USB stick. After the floppy disk has loaded, type "cd nvflash" without quotes and press enter. Then type "nvflash -b backup.rom" without quotes, then press enter. this will save your current bios on the USB stick as backup.rom. 7) Reboot and boot from MacOSX. Extract "NVCAP Maker" to your desktop, run it and select your backup.rom. This is your NVCAP for OSXTOOL. Greetings NVFLASH.zip NVCAP_Maker_1.4.app.zip
  3. I can say that the The Sparkle GeForce 9400GT-1024MB & 9500GT-512MB work with <key>GraphicEnabler</key> without changing any kexts. I had screen's freeze problems and, after countless tests, I solved it by changing the RAM (Apacer) with 2x Patriot 2GB PC2-6400, CL5 (PSD22G8002). IMPORTANT: install SL with one stick of RAM! Add the second stick of RAM when you are sure that everything works 100% and test the correct operation of the system.
  4. >>Some consideration<< The EFI partition isn't visible from MacOS then is not erasable. You will need to use DISKPART to delete it before you do a fresh install. I don't know if there is another method. Only 1 injector must use at a time. NVenabler is an injector, like NVinject, NVDarwin. Well EfiString are an injector. Also PC-EFI 10.5 combined with 2 strings (method 1) above is an injector. There are at least 3 methods to activate QE/CI on nVidia cards in SL: 1) Add to com.apple.boot.plist in /Extra: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> ==> Reboot a- If that doesn't work, check if the file info.plist of NVDAResman.kext & NVDANV50Hal.kext (/S/L/E) is present the DeviceID+Vendor (find in System Profiler) of your VGA. After adding YourID install kexts with KextHelper and reboot. Example: Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0427 == add ==> 0x042710de 2) Put NVenabler.kext in /E/E or /S/L/E and repair permission with KextUtility a- same, reboot b- add the same ID to info.plist of NVenabler and repair permission with KextUtility, reboot 3) Add EfiString (OSXTool) to com.apple.boot.plist in /Extra: <key>device-properties</key> <string>paste-here-YOUR-Efi-String<string>
  5. Motherboard GA-H55M-UD2H

    None of you have read the forum rules? > Give your hardware specs when necessary (asking for support) and any other time where it may be beneficial to have them listed. Bios Version?? VGA?? CPU?? Other hardware?? (DVD-RW, etc.) Installation Method??
  6. i have Rev.1.0, 10.6.4, no Pleasesleep, BIOS F8, Ridgeline's DSDT for E6300 and all work fine (i use a GeForce Sparkle 9400GT 1024Mb). What version of bios you? check these BIOS settings: ACPI S3 HPET 64bit mode floppy disabled I tried NVEnabler with my Sparkle GTX210-512 but doesnt work fine. i use EFI String (osxtool) with NVCAP (nvcap maker) extracted from VGA (nvflash)
  7. Asus P5E DSDT fixes

    hi all...i'm going to crazy... i have an ASUS P5E DELUXE... is the same of P5E? can anyone help me with full patch my DSDT? ty DSDT_P5E_DLX.zip
  8. looking for gtx 275 driver

    Here 2 solution. i used EFI STRING by myGTX275SnowLeo pack.
  9. My experience with a Sparkle GeForce GT210. > with GraphicsEnabler (recognized) or NVenabler64 (Unknow nVidia Card) DVI does not work, even with the DVI>VGA adapter. > VGA port always work. > I tried HDMI port with HDMI>DVI cable and it work. I strongly recommend an EFI String. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...L_10.6.3#NVIDIA Here you can found an EFI string for your card tested in 10.6.3.
  10. Hi Ridgeline, first, I congratulate and thank you for the good work you did on this motherboard. I did a fresh and easy install using an 8 GB flash drive + myHack (because is faster than DVD and i can boot from usb until 10.6.3) in this order: 1) I've updated the BIOS to F8 2) installing SL 10.6 via USB. Then i tried ComboUpdate 10.6.4 without success. 3) ComboUpdate 10.6.2 -> OK 4) Gigabyte G41M-ES2L Post Installer v2.3 -> OK 5) ComboUpdate 10.6.4 -> OK 6) Software Update -> OK 7) 10.6.2-AppleHDAInstaller.pkg -> Audio fixed. OK > With GraphicsEnabler by default my VGA is recognized correctly as GeForce 9400 GT (0x064110de) but it not work properly. Apparently VGA is accelerated but i can't see QE/CI Supported in System Information and occasionally crashes. > Removing GraphicsEnabler and copy NVENABLER64 in /Extra/Extensions + Kexts Utility to repair permissions: my VGA isn't recognized (Unknow nVidia Card), Apparently VGA is accelerated but i can't see QE/CI Supported in System Information and occasionally crashes. > Then i tried an EFI String removing NVENABLER64 and GraphicsEnabler: apparently VGA is accelerated and don't crash but i can't see QE/CI Supported in System Information. So i found some ways you can check to see if your card is fully accelerated. Open Front Row. If it opens and is functional, QE/CI are enabled. Open Dashboard and add a widget. If you see cool ripples, QE/CI are enabled. Open Chess and play. If you can make more of a move, QE/CI are enabled. It's right? Your Gigabyte's Theme is cool but how i can start -x -v -f ? Greetings
  11. hi guys! i got QE (device ID 0x0641, Sparkle GeForce 9400 GT 1024 ram DVI+VGA) in iPC 10.5.6 but i cannot get it in SL 10.6.3 atm. I'm downloading update 10.6.4 and after install i'll try with NVENABLER.KEXT (www.kexts.com). Maybe....... I hope!! HARDWARE CONFIGURATION: Gigabyte G41M-ES2L CPU E6300 2x2GB DDR2 800MHz

    Ciao a tutti. Già da qualche settimana sto impazzendo con questo OSX :DD a forza di provare sono riuscito a far funzionare discretamente SL 10.6.3 sull'HW in firma... ma c'è ancora da lavorare e da imparare. Sono certo che qui troverò amici che condividono la mia stessa sorte :DD buona fortuna e grazie a tutti!