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  1. I have a laptop with a dual core amd turion, I know that when I updated from snow leo 10.6.0 to 10.6.8 i just needed to install the update then update my legacy kernel , can i do that for lion once a good legacy kernel comes out?(I know anv made one but i heard it isn't that good) P.S I use Nawcom's Mod CD to boot to my snow leo all the time , it just works best for me.
  2. bump really no one can help me here? i cant even boot the install cd any more idk whats happening
  3. I've seen this around and some people got it fixed by replacing some kexts but i don't know where to get them , if someone could , could you post a tutorial on how to build a custom .iso from scratch(edit a snow leo dvd) and or, tell me what to do to fix the problem? I have no dvds so i used vmware to restore a usb with iatkos v2 , hazard(altough hazard didn't install properly) and used yumi to add [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and empire efi to a different usb , i boot that one and that allows me to boot my restored usb , the problem is i get acpi system state(other stuff) s3 when i boot with -v -x , i have tried using cpus=1 , for some reason that only worked once please help. specs: acer aspire 5516 3 gb ram turion 1.9g x2 (upgraded from a single core anthlon) 160gb sata hdd somehow i got the installer to boot and install it , but now i have the same problem when i try to boot the os PLEASE HELP
  4. I used to have it but i was stupid and didnt back it up,ive spent days lookin for it again but ive used several realteks and none worked im pretty sure it was rtl.....l thts all i remeber (is tht the right driver?)i never unistalled them cuz i could do the sudo command due to the fact tht i have no password but i did throw them into the trash.
  5. hello i built my own pc with amd anthlon quad core,foxconn motherboard ,2gb of ram and 80gb hdd .I have updated before but with different cds,with hazard (newest cd)i cant prevent it from installing 10.6 every time (basically i can update but i cant reinstall the drivers and such)
  6. i played around with my foxconn bios and nothing.I have the same cpu type as my last comp(i made this one) amd cpu (only difference is this is a quad core, and my motherboard is foxconn (i boot from an external HD Any ideas? -Tom
  7. OK so I installed the official driver and it didnt work,so i installed a realtek driver and it worked well kinda.The computer sees my adapter (finally)but when i use my realtek client it connects ut doesn;t do anything when i try to use safari it says not internet so i use diagnostics and it says i only have ethernet(which i do have connected but it never even saw it before)after that it still didn't work so i went to the assistant and it wouldnt let me do Airport so i did lan and it didn't automattically connect do i rlly need to put the i.p and everything in?i never had to with windows can someone pleaseeeeee help me
  8. Nice im gonna try with snow leopard
  9. dual boot win7 and osx

    The only thing i can think of is to reinstall win7 after Mac OSX