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  1. iATKOS v7 weird boot issue

    Hi, thanks for your response. Have already tried safe mode and the outcome was the same
  2. iATKOS v7 weird boot issue

    Sorry to bump... but any ideas?
  3. Hi I have recently installed Leopard using iATKOS v7 and install could not have gone much better (2nd time round anyway, after I remembered to click "Customize" before "Install" to make my mouse and keyboard work! Anyway, was happy as larry using Mac, turned it off for the night, came back to it in the morning and could not boot it. Would get just past the white/grey apple icon loading screen, then would show me another white screen which would slowly manipulate into lots of different lines/blocks of colours. It's quite hard to explain so I . I reinstalled making sure I had the right boxes checked for graphics drivers but the same error occurred. Perhaps I ticked one I shouldn't have or vice versa? I have a Sony Vaio VGN-BX61VN and my graphics card is Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family if that helps. I am not convinced it's something to do with the graphics card though because it goes fine on first run? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks!
  4. Macbook Wheel spoof...

  5. Malicious Code

    Oh dear... haha
  6. Old computer repair commercial

    That's quality!
  7. Ipod Vs Blonde

  8. Installing Vista