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  1. Hello guys. Im still new to hackintosh, however i got my gear pretty much working i think. Ive got a Asus Rampage Formula motherboard and the firewire doesnt work. So what i need to buy is a PCI firewire card that works with SL 10.6.3. Preferably the card uses Texas Instruments Chipset as i hear those are the best for music-making. Primary use for firewire port is a Presonus firebox soundcard. If anyone have any experience with this, or could give good recomendations of which card to buy, i will be very greatful! EDIT; http://www.delock.de/produkte/gruppen/IO%2...Port_89165.html think this would work? Its not TI chipset, its VGA? thanks! /eric
  2. Did anyone get firewire to work? For me it says "firewire Bus: Max speed 400mb/sec" under "My mac info", however when i plug in a soundcard through firewire It pops out, but whenever i try to run a program to play a soundfile it crashes. So im curious if your firewires are working flawless and if anyone know whats up with mine? /Eric
  3. [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    Hey, so thanks alot for this guide, i just got my install up and running. And as far as i can see its working However its just 1 thing thats bothering me, when i boot the computer and i get to Charmeleon screen to select which HD to boot, it always chooses my "Snowleopard backup" harddrive over my partion where i have my actual SL installed on. I realize in disk utility i have 3 partition, and i put my SL install on the bottom, so i guess it has the lowest number, say 3, and the bootloader goes 1, 2 and then 3. My question is if anyone know how to change so it choose the *right* HD at start? Thanks!
  4. [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    Hey. Very nice guide, almost got me going all the way. I got as far as installing SL without any errors, i could boot into SL. I suppose i got stuck somewhere around the last step. "Open again the MacLoader_SL folder then double-click the "3_MacLoader" file and follow prompts." I did that, however im always a little unsure if i should hit 'Enter', type "/volumes/SnowLeopard/" or just "SnowLeopard" SnowLeopard beeing the partition where i installed SL. However, i did use the prompt and it extracted some things and i rebooted. Now where i press any key and choose Snowleopard harddrive it wont boot up. It quickly says it encounterd some errors, and then it continues to load to a white screen with ze big apple, and thats where i am stuck now. Any ideas of what i could do? Thanks!
  5. Well. I really tried following this guide step-by-step seeing as i almost got the same gear. Ive gotten as far as installing Leopard, and i can boot it up. However the next couple of steps where i am supposed to change the DSDT i dont think worked out just as good. I belive i followed the guide, pretty spot on, and i ended up having like 100 errors when i draged it ontop of the iasIMe. I also draged your preset DSDT that was included within the zip (under DSDT folder). I got no errors when i used yours, however i extracted it using the program to see if i had the changes needed (listed steps around 10). However this was not the case, as far as i could see nothing had changed from the original. So what im saying is, i guess im stuck trying to get leopard to bootup without using the boot132 CD. because thats what im trying to do, right? If anyone is still browsing this thread, id appriciate any help. Thanks