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  1. AMD R9 290 (non-x) issues in Sierra

    I have a 290x that was working in 10.11 with no fb patches or injection and am having smiilar problems in 10.12. The machine starts the boot process fine initially (apple logo, progress bar), then when the progress bar reaches the end, I see a white screen with some minor video artifacts randomly appearing (sort of like random flickering black streaks) instead of what should be the login screen. I used to see this in 10.11 too, but it would only appear for a split second before dumping me to the login screen. The machine is somewhat properly booted during this as I can ssh in and run terminal commands, but windowserver is stuck at 100% cpu usage while this white screen is up, and I obviously can't get past it. This happens regardless of whether I use displayport or DVI. Card works fine in windows and 10.11. 10.12 Safe mode loads just fine oddly enough, though obviously that's not a solution. Any ideas?
  2. 20fps with 1,000,000 on a R9 290x with radeon framebuffer and no patches on 10.11.2 beta (15C27e)... poor performance
  3. Hi all, I've had a 290x running flawlessly with my dl-dvi 1440p monitor for quite a while now with no issues (up to and including the latest public beta el capitan). Runs great with full accel without any framebuffer patching in clover. just plug and play. The other day though, I bought a 4k monitor (lg 27mu67) which connects via displayport and came across two annoying issues. 1. quicktime player no longer opens any mp4 video files that used to work just fine. It will give a cryptic error and some negative number error code. 2. I don't see any of the hidpi settings in the display control panel. Setting a lower resolution looks like it's actually setting that resolution and not a scaled mode. "normal" 4k on a small(ish) monitor like this is incredibly hard to use and I'd like to run a hidpi mode. Anybody have any suggestions? Edit: "I'm an idiot" is basically the answer to all of this. For those interested, the hidpi mode was working but preview.app would not show images with their pixels 1:1 which is poor behavior in my opinion. My quicktime problem was caused by accidentally ruining my applehda setup. Sorry for the spam.
  4. HWSensors3

    I was finally able to get things working. Started over from scratch on an el capitan public beta install. Ended up removing kexts one by one to see where the problems were. DIMM, SMI and other kexts that my motherboard doesn't have hardware for obviously KP on boot, but apparently the Radeon kext would cause issues with hwmonitor itself. I have an R9 290x but I guess it's not supported which causes the problem. Interestingly, I can't boot into el capitan public beta on kozlek's fakesmc, but this branch works just fine. Now all I have to do is figure out why my machine will power off and then immediately power back on when selecting shutdown in el capitan... worked fine in 10.10... but that's probably a DSDT issue. Thanks for the excellent software Slice!
  5. HWSensors3

    I'm trying out this version of hwsensors/fakesmc but have a problem with hwmonitorsmc.app. I've deleted all of kozlek's versions of various kexts and os x boots up just fine, but the minute I open hwmonitorsmc, the icon loads briefly in the menubar, then the screen will freeze, followed by the computer immediately restarting itself. No KP screen, and I couldn't find anything in the console either. FakeSMC.kext, HWInfo.kext, IntelCPUMonitor.kext, ITEIT87x.kext are the four kexts I'm using. Any thoughts?
  6. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    I have my config.plist set up exactly like that but the screen simply goes black after first stage boot. Without any of the patches, I just get the flickering that can be cured by replugging the dvi connector (or hitting sleep). Could it be an issue with my dsdt?
  7. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    I get stuck with a black screen on my setup using the patches. This is with one monitor connected via DL-DVI (One of those Korean 1440p IPS panels). Anybody successfully get the patch working with dl-dvi?
  8. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    I tried both dvi ports. Both your method and pavo's patches just result in a black screen (basically any time I try to use baladi instead of futomaki or whatever that default framebuffer is). I can use vnc and log in but the screen stays black no matter what. It'll be interesting to see if this develops further
  9. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    I just get a black screen after first stage boot with this and my dl-dvi monitor
  10. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    I'm running a sapphire 290x tri-x oc using macpro5,1. Mine shows as AMD Radeon HD 8xxx 4096 MB No agpm because I can't seem to get it working, but performance seems to be decent aside from cinebench due to my older cpu's ipc performance. Still have flickering at startup though it's easily resolved by a quick disconnect of the dvi cable or sleep activation
  11. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    Just ran luxmark with stock agpm... Seems like I get pretty much the same as you wardoctor.
  12. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    Just tested again. I tried setting by smbios to macpro6,1 and all it did was make my scores tank (CPU and gpu were roughly half in cinebench). Also looked at your info.plist and still think it may be incorrect. I don't know why you have the entry as Vendor10deDevice67b0. Vendor 10DE is Nvidia. Does agpm just ignore this or what? System profiler says the 290x is 1002 67b0: AMD Radeon HD 8xxx: Chipset Model: AMD Radeon HD 8xxx Type: GPU Bus: PCIe Slot: PCI Slot 0 PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 4096 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x67b0 Revision ID: 0x0000 So I tried changing the entry in agpm to Vendor1002Device67b0, rebooted, and the machine would get stuck in a reboot loop right before getting to the login screen, both when using the 6,1 profile and when duplicating the entry under the macpro5,1 section of the agpm profiles. Out of curiosity what kind of fps do you get in the various benchmarks?
  13. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    Just ran some quick benches (see attached pics) One running stock agpm and the other running the modified agpm. Pretty much no change whatsoever. Edit: I looked at your info.plist and I think I know why it does nothing. I'm using macpro5,1 and have no gfx0 in my dsdt. I'll try playing with it later but why is the vendor id 10de? isn't that nvidia?
  14. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    I saw no difference in performance with my 290x either. (running 10.10.2 14C94b). It's too bad amd doesn't do web drivers like nvidia...
  15. HWSensors3

    does this branch support fan control like kozlek's?