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  1. Nvidia 7500LE Makes Computer Unusably Slow In 10.6.2

    I have the exact same problem with my GTX260. what mainboard do you have?
  2. Weird Snow Leopard Graphics Bugs (NVidia)

    hey dothacker, well, I've got an Athlon X2 something, so two....yeah, system profiles says the same (num of processors: 1, total number of cores: 2). I already tried booting with 'cpus=1' if that should be a problem... EDIT: trying to do a full 64-bit install, maybe that will fix this stuff
  3. Weird Snow Leopard Graphics Bugs (NVidia)

    hey thanks for your reply! I've tried that injector stuff too it just finds my GTX, injects the strings, and then says: "probe fails" (stills opens up the graphical interface and has the bugs though) I've also tried netkas' injector for ati & nvidia cards, it's still the same (just no "probe fails").
  4. hello everone, I have just installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 on my PC. It works pretty good, network and everything -- if I remove the nvidia drivers (/S/L/E/NV*). I am currently running the 10.6.0 legacy kernel, but I have tried it with the 10.4.0 as well (10.6.4 patch, respectively) on my AMD Athlon something. I went from EFI strings to DSDT patching to GraphicsEnabler -- the same thing, namely super-laggy graphics (including mouse + keyboard input), impossible to use. If I remove the NVidia drivers again, everythings works fine (except CL/QI of course and at 1024x768). I've got a GTX260 in my PCIe slot as well as an onboard NVidia GF 6 or sth. Might that be the problem? I don't really know, as I've tried to turn off the onboard thing, but I could just set the shared mem size to 'disabled' in my BIOS (the graphics are still the same though). I have done a retail install, having just added fakesmc, AppleNForceATA, nForceLAN and removed AppleUpstreamUserClient as far as kexts go. I am so desperate, having installed this thing like 10 times again and again to try all possible combinations of kexts, MacOS updates and kernels. in search for help, intmain123
  5. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    hey guys, installed retail 10.6.2 from another MacOSX (similar to 2nd method) through installer -pkg OSInstall.mpkg -target /Volumes/... installed all my kexts, chameleon, legacy_kernel and stuff, rebooted, everything worked (added fakesmc, AppleAC97Audio, nForceLAN, AppleNForceATA, for my GTX260 I used GraphicsEnabler=y in chameleon). Great system! But I'm currently stuck: yesterday I've installed it and it worked brilliantly. Today, after powering it off once completely, the graphics became really laggy and it's unusable. I didn't touch any of the kexts or system stuff before powering it off yesterday. I believe it may be a problem with the windows/linux graphics drivers loading something into either graphics memory or RAM, and without it (eg. after complete reboot with RAM clear), the bugs appear. However, I've not been able to reproduce my theory (booted windows, then just did a soft restart into MacOSX and it didn't work). Without the graphics drivers (/S*/L*/Ext*/NV*) it works fine, but in a low res and w/o QE/CI. Else, the system works great, but this let's say key aspect just doesn't work and it spoils my fun with MacOSX (I've tried reinstalling it, same thing, works for a couple of hours, the next day again broken). What the hell could be causing these bugs?
  6. nForce LAN driver

    great work, I agree!! however, I get random failures from the driver under 10.6.4 with the 10.4.0 legacy kernel (AMD proc). I'm running it in 32bit (arch=i386) and I have a MCP51 eth chip. After booting it works fine, and when I have some traffic for a time (random, but tends to happen more often if I start heavy traffic apps such as skype) the whole eth just drops on my MacOS. I mean, I can't even ping my router or my other computers in the LAN. If I do a ifconfig en0 down and ifconfig en0 up it works again, but only for a limited time. Then it drops again. I've tried so far disabling the use of these MSI things. still no fix. about forcedeth or other drivers, no problem cause I did a retail install and just put in nForceLAN.kext, no other stuff. kernel.log complains about some link problem (?) Nov 11 22:05:22 grosser kernel[0]: nForceLAN(en0): enabling interrupts with mask: 0x000000df and msiEnable: 0x00000000 Nov 11 22:05:22 grosser kernel[0]: nForceLAN(en0): Network link down. but I think this comes from my ifconfig's It's strange because in Debian as well as in Win7 it works w/o any problems (triple boot ftw ) Should I try any more things or just buy a cheap realtek PCI card? thx in advance.
  7. Toshiba L300 19Y issues

    please try to find out what soundcard you have. most probably you'll need AppleAC97Audio or VoodooHDA. just google if you ask yourself how to find that out. or if you use linux type in a terminal: sudo lspci
  8. got practically the same things as you. but I'm using a GTX260 and a newer AM2 board (K9N Neo-V). the funny thing is, the install works really nice for me, just when I boot into the real OS it gets really choppy & slow.
  9. Introduce yourself.

    greets from germany I'm intmain123, looking forward to install MacOSX on my rig...just 4 fun and cause I hate windows, and I love linux/unix