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  1. I've upgraded from Lion 10.7.3 to 10.8 using your method listed here, with the only exception being the partitioning part (I just selected the partition already having Lion, without erasing it). All the apps and settings have been maintained in 10.8 and I just had to install the "P8P67 Pro Driver Installer.pkg" in the archive. Setup: Asus P8P67 Evo (Rev. B3), i5, GTS 250 The nice surprise was that the Creative X-Fi PCI-E sound board started working in Mountain Lion - also with surround (previously used on-board audio in Lion).
  2. ^Andy^, with the Mountain Lion released just a couple of days ago, I wanted to ask whether you're planning to upgrade your highly popular installation package for the shiny new 10.8 ? L.E.: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=276380 (for anyone else who might be interested in ML.)
  3. I had 12 GB. Didn't try it with 8 though. Nonetheless, it was entirely the memory's fault, as no other modifications i had done to the usb stick or the technique other than removing the excess RAM to get it going.
  4. Got my first hackintosh running: Asus P8P67 Evo with i5. Thanks for making this tutorial available. Wasn't as hard as I initially thought this would be due to your efforts. Only one comment: I was not able to boot into the USB lion installer unless I let the machine with only 4GB of ram. With anything more, it didn't boot, neither did it give an error message. Found this information on some other tutorial (2 hours and a little grown gray hair later, hehe), so putting this little piece of information for the 'preparing' state might come in handy to other users as well. A few details about my 'customizations' applied to the tutorial, to get things running smoothly on setup: Video card - Asus GTS 250, 1GB (I had to manually adjust some boot.plist file with graphicsenabled=yes - instead of no). Currently running on dual monitors - with the second being placed on the HDMI port. All the other hardware was installed automatically using the PRO package. I've tried to enable the Creative X-Fi PCI-E audio board, but was unsuccessful, as the voodoohda driver seems not to be working with Lion. Since that was unsuccessful, I enabled the onboard-audio and it worked properly. After the install completed, I've put back the rest of the ram (Kingston) into the computer and all is good. Thanks again!
  5. Semi-Official Intel DP35DP board thread

    Hey, I succesfully installed OsX Leopart with the iAtkos v7 installer attention... from a PATA DVD-RW to a SATA hard-drive (AHCI mode setup ofc). I had updated recently to the latest BIOS version. Videoboard installed with the use of nvcush (credits to Diabolik1605) The only thing that keeps me away from fully enjoying this system is the "missing" network, which I'm looking into now. I've got a gigabit card around here, but I'm going to give it a try towards using the on-board one with the Intel82566MM.kext. All in all, things worked great [Later-edit] On-board LAN card works properly and system updated successfully to 10.5.8.