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  1. Hi folks. Working on resurrecting a G5 20" imac with a blown power supply. Everything seems to be running now except /etc links to root instead of /private/etc, so the system boots into the command line. The drive seems ok, with fsck -fy returning a clean bill of health. I'm trying to save the drive which has lots of good software there. Any ideas for fixing that link would be appreciated.
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    My keyboard's suddenly turned American!

    Also helpful, thank you.
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    Remapping Keys in OS X

    Thanks, that's very helpful.
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    iMac G5 Power Supply Question

    Typical, that I found the info right after posting! For an imac G5 17"/20" isight (early 2006) My EEE code is UQP with an 661-3780 power supply with only 5 pinouts these are: Grey: +12V Grey: +12V Black: ground Black: ground Brown: PFW (battery powered signal between +3 and +6.5 volt to switch power supply on) Hopefully this might help somebody else. Cheers
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    iMac G5 Power Supply Question

    Hi folks, this is another question really, as I'm new so can't post a new topic yet. I've a G5 20" isight with a blown 661-3780 power supply. The DC out for these is only 5 pins and the supply itself states 12.1 volts and 15.4 amps. Can anybody please indicate the voltages on the 5 pinouts. The wires are 2 grey, 2 black, and 1 brown. The grey and black wires are joined on the power supply circuit board, so its really only 3 pinouts. I want to test the machine before splashing out on an expensive replacement, but haven't been able to find the pinout voltages anywhere. Getting desperate!