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  1. buy snow leopard

    but in the ebay one it says only a single user license
  2. buy snow leopard

    someone help?
  3. buy snow leopard

    thenwhat is this one? http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-APPLE-MAC-SNOW-LEO...6#ht_2632wt_911 doesnt seem like so many poeple will pay $50 when its only $29 from apple
  4. buy snow leopard

    i am confused is there more than 1 copy to buy in stores? as i dont want to buy the wrong version is this the right one http://store.apple.com/us/product/MAC_OS_X_SNGL for $29 or is there a differnet one for installing from a blank hard drive to clear things up, ill be instlling it on an empty drive tat had nothing so its a clean install
  5. shutdown/sleep/restart fix

    help someone i need to get this fixed
  6. microphone not working dell xps m1530

    hlelp still someone
  7. microphone not working dell xps m1530

    bump again
  8. I have a dell xps m1530 with iatkos v7 installed the webcam and everything is working but the microphone built in is not working help please
  9. laptop getting really hot

    some help on this?
  10. shutdown/sleep/restart fix

    I been looking around i have a dell xps m1530 i can not get any of these to work i tried the haltrestart.kext as well and had no luck
  11. fusemac to write to ntfs

    i googled around and installed but cant get this to work anyone have ideas
  12. i couldnt find a v8 i would test it but dont have a dl dvd to burn it and cant get my hands on a copy
  13. laptop getting really hot

    it appears that leopard is like letting the fan run on minimum and my laptop like keyboard area is also getting very hot it does not do so on windows is there fix for this?
  14. dual boot win7 and osx

    nice so what are you saying or would using bootcamp not be good?
  15. dual boot win7 and osx

    i first installed win7 and then max osx and i tried many way to fix and used easybcd to add os entry and right now there is the chameleon bootload and if i choose windows get bootmgr not found and if i choose the EISA it goes into windows boot and i choose win7 it doesnt work same thing for the osx help please