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  1. New Lion install will not boot

    Did you upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion? If you did, you are liable to get such outcomes. Avoid the habit of using Graphics Enabler. An OS X update might break the enabler. OS X v10.7 is a lot friendlier than v10.6. My install was easier with Lion. I made a USB install coupled with chameleon with only fake SMC, Apple PS2 and NVEnabler and it all worked out of the box except sound. I later added Evoreboot because of the rare shutdown issues I was facing. v10.7's only disadvantage over v.10.6 is the speed and agility. Make your own custom USB and avoid the online installers. Note, the two files you will need are chameleon and fake smc.
  2. iLeo, So far (in progress), this is what I have. I really couldn't understand how these two files could be modified. I am following this guide (http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=465&st=0) and many details are left out. What edits do I make to the verb and verbdebug? How do I get the ConfigData? verbitdebug.txt verbs.txt
  3. Thanks for your feedback, iLeopod. I will do as advised and start over and let you know how the outcome turns out.
  4. Hi - Snow Leopard worked with the exception of audio. I tried VoodooHDA and the performance is not too encouraging. Sound output is poor and there seems to be a lot of static that is clearly audible at midrange band. For the most part of my experience with OSX86, I have used AzaliaAudio (which is the better alternative to V.HDA) but I'm forced to the i386 architecture to have it working. I tried patching the AppleHDA on Snow Leopard and I had the error message "ERROR: This doesn't appear to be an alsa codec dump file." I couldn't figure out where I erred. I am now on LION and I am getting the same error in my verbs.txt output file. I have spent hours on this and can't get it beyond this checkpoint. I have attached a copy of my verb.txt output file and my codecdump file. Help will be appreciated. Many thanks indeed. codec_dump.txt verbs.txt