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  1. MSI GTX-650 Nvidia card went out on me

    I see, thanks cyberdevs
  2. MSI GTX-650 Nvidia card went out on me

    @cyberdevs - this is what I pulled up - /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *120.0 GB disk0 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1 2: Apple_HFS Maverick10.9 119.7 GB disk0s2 /dev/disk1 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *2.0 TB disk1 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk1s1 2: Apple_HFS Mac WDC 2TB Storage 2.0 TB disk1s2
  3. MSI GTX-650 Nvidia card went out on me

    [sOLVED] @ cyberdevs - My issue has been resolved I purchased an MSI GTX-650 1GB and it booted my PC like a charm (viola) , it was a brand new card for sale on ebay, but never used in a PC. The only difference between this card and my old MSI that died was a 2GB. Below is a pick of that card. How do I navigate to my config.plist folder , I can't remember how to get there, I thought it was /usr/local/bin/clover-genconfig >config.plist , but I do not think I used Clover.
  4. MSI GTX-650 Nvidia card went out on me

    Okay, I will, I'm currently on the road but will get back with you on it. I assumed what you were saying would happen but the guys at Frys assured me otherwise.
  5. MSI GTX-650 Nvidia card went out on me

    @ cyberdevs - I purchased a similar MSI card card, only deference is the 1GB card versus my card which was a 2GB one. My PC boots in 10 secs or less, but once it gets past posting, the screen goes all black. When my new card comes in, I will post my results. I guess my main point is, why won't Mavericks boot up with the newer cards that I tried? I will post my findings, once I receive that newer card. Thanks - D1
  6. MSI GTX-650 Nvidia card went out on me

    @ cyberdevs - I currently have the old card back in there and it starts to post, but looks like a checkboard in black & white, but then the screen goes black. I tried those 2 cards I mentioned above, but they hang on that grey apple splash screen. I purchased a used/never used MSI card off eBay to see if that card will work, in the mean time I was wondering if that doesn't work, how can I get the newer cards to post so I can see what I'm doing. When I get that message to press ang key for setup on my keyboard, nothing happens, I'm using a USB keyboard. In short I'm looking for other options to install a newer card that will work with Mavericks. Thanks.
  7. MSI GTX-650 Nvidia card went out on me

    My motherboard is Gigabyte Z87-D3HP - Haswell i7 processor, 16 GB, MSI - GTX 650 2GB 3.0 Nvidia PCIe video card. The new MSI 700 series I purchased I returned it, so I don't have the stats for it. I ordered an MSI card from VGA.com store that was supposed to be the exact same card I had before and they sent me some generic off brand piece of junk card and it would hang on the apple grey screen logo as well.
  8. MSI GTX-650 Nvidia card went out on me

    [sOLVED] Hello group I have a question, I have an older MSI GTX-650 GeForce 2GB video card that is failing after 4 years of use. It starts off as a checker board black and white when posting and then the screen goes totally black. So, I tried swapping out a newer MSI 700 series card but it just sits and hangs on that grey apple logo screen. I can't seem to figure out how to boot up in -v mode and they no longer make that video card anymore. Also, can anyone tell me why it won't boot up in VESA mode with the newer card? I'm trying to avoid doing a whole new install. I'm running Mavericks and have been doing so close to 4 years. Any advice is appreciated. D-1
  9. Hackintosh on Gigabyte Z87-D3HP I-7 Haswell mother board I have an update to make about this thread and its almost 4 years later on this same Haswell set up . But just yesterday, my MSI GeForce GTX 650 2GB GDDR 5 PCIe 3.0 video card started to fail on me, so I purchased a newer MSI GT 730 PCIe 2.0 card and when I boot this same system up, it hangs on the apple logo screen and sits there. What must I do to set this card up if even possible? I'm trying to avoid doing a lengthy install. Thanks for any advice.
  10. Ran remote Desktop client update 3.8.2v1.1 and had no issues. Has anyone installed Yosetime on this same set-up?
  11. I fixed this usb problem by moving my mouse down to another usb port and have not had that same issue re-occur again. Ran OS X 10.9.5 update and had no issues, installed well.
  12. I have been having an issue with my usb mouse, every so often the cursor goes away and I have to unplug and re-plug to bring it the cursor back. Started happening about a week ago. It only does it if I am typing on a browser or something like openoffice. Has anyone had this happen to them? Again, I could go for a day, and nothing happens, then out of the blue it happens. It even did it just now when I went back and edited. Any solutions?
  13. Has anyone run the 10.9.4 update? Have any issues? d-1 Just ran the 10.9.4 Mavericks update and had no problems. d-1
  14. This 10.9.3 update is also affecting Macbook Pro's as well. https://discussions.apple.com/message/25829597#25829597 drthundr May 18, 2014 6:15 PM I ran the update to 10.9.3 yesterday. After reboot the Mail program gave me an error that it might not be compatible with the OS. I restarted, now I get the a progress bar. It goes for about 30 seconds then powers the macbook down. Here's what I've tried. 1. Booting into recovery mode (both Internet recovery and regular recovery) 2. I cant repair permissions or repair the disk. It says that it needs to be reloaded, etc 3. I tried a reinstall. I'm getting a disk locked error on the Macintosh HD and recovery HD. 4. Can't boot into safe boot. I get a driver error and Mac OS Version: not set yet. 5. I tried Turning off Encryption. It won't turn off. 6. When I choose the startup disk to boot to, it still shows 10.9.2, even though the app store showed that 10.9.3 was installed. Pretty much combed the forums, but I'm not really sure what to do at this point. The machine is out of warranty and I don't have another Mac to do any cloning, usb startup disks, etc. I made an appointment with the genius bar tomorrow but I wanted to see if there's something else I can try! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  15. I was able to fix my problem above with the 10.9.3 update with the help of someone. Anyway, the 10.9.3 update apparently affected my Nvideo driver for my MSI FX650, which prevented the driver from loading it up. I had to type this at boot prompt: GraphicsEnabler=No nv_disable=1 -v to get to desktop, finally. From there I had to rollback my Nvidia Kexts to the 10.9.2, so I went here: http://support.apple.com/downloads/DL1726/en_US/OSXUpdCombo10.9.2.dmg . Then I had to down load Pacifist from here: http://charlessoft.com/ . (to mount and extract Nvidia kexts from the 10.9.2dmg .) I presume there's some bug in the 10.9.3 update that affects my FX650 card......? Anyone else have problems? d-1