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  1. making disk images

    Sounds to me like you do not have much of a clue on what you is doing and are expecting to have the answer spoonfed to you. Hackintoshes are not the run of the mill windows computer that everyone and their uncle buy and run, where there is multiple places to get info. Hackintoshes are extremely tempermental, don't always work the way you would think they would. So coming here and expecting someone to drop what they are doing and write you a little tutorial on how to do what you want is asinine. Sounds to me like you need to do alot of reading, the answers you seek are out there somewhere. So take your arrogant attitude and go and find them.
  2. On Niresh, the only way i have gotten it to boot is by puting in "amd -x -f -v" Everything between the quotes exactly. If it doesn't boot with that then there is def a hardware issue.
  3. Remote for XBMC on HTPC?

    Personally, I would assign a static IP address to the computer and use the XBMC remote app, that is what I do and it works without any issues.