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  1. snow leopard seemed to work fine on my dad's HP pavillion dv6000 running an intel centrino duo (i think it was because the processor was a dual core like all of the other mac machines i've seen)
  2. if your using windows try using magicISO but if your using mac or a linux distro you got me there
  3. if there isn't any illegal coding involved for instance those patched versi0ons of mac os x are illegal because the source code for the os was modified in some way and since this code isn't opensource then modifying it is illegal and considered hacking, but if you use the boot132 method (and other methods that involve special bootloaders) then your gonna be alright you can throw caution to the wind when you do this technique, because your installing the os on the system without modifying the code to get it to work,this mean that its legal since you didn't have to hack anything to get it working but apple does discourage people that want to build a hackintosh from doing this , they haven't thought about a way to put us hackintosh fans in the slammer yet and i think that won't be anytime soon, but they also say that it should only be installed on apple "labled" hardware, what people have done to keep apple out of their hair when this comes is to go to an apple store and buy apple stickers and stick them to the appropriate places on the tower and monitor (the kinds of sticker they expect you to put on the window of your car or something) the bootloaders that have made this project legal are (the ones i can name) boot132 (popular you have to go out and find one that works with your hardware the good people on thios forum can help out alot) empire efi (haven't had any luck with this one) [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] (haven't had luck with this one either but youll probiably have a different experience than me) and chameleon (this is the bootloader that makes booting mac os x on the pc without a boot cd possible, sorta like how grub works to make a linux distro boot and from what i have been read on the net lately is that EULA like law vary depending on country so the laws could be differnt i guess in some countries when you do something like this (no pirating involved) then youll be alright unless steve jobs comes to your house and throws a fit and sues
  4. Is there a database program ?

    try openoffice.org they have an installation app for intel based macs and powerpc (i;m assuming that you have an intel based since this is a hackintosh forum) and there is a program in the openoffice suite called base its a program that does databases and theres nothing complex to such a program that you seek these programs were mostly designed for ease of use in other words to be easy to use by people with minimal computer experience