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  1. @JiriBenes maybe issues with your JMICRON IDE? Try disabling it in the BIOS and see if problem remains...
  2. try disabling your jmicron if you get a kernel panic (esp. in 64bit)...
  3. GFX STring can be found via EFIStudio, just copy the generated String for your card to the Boot.plist. Then look in Diskutility / ->Info for the UUID of your bootdisk.
  4. Hey there, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it´s not working, SATA AHCI Problems remain the same and Waiting for Root Device in IDE Mode. kann someone please show me an IOREG screengrab from their SATA Devices? Can´t figure it out! Thanks! EDIT; FYI: I just want to use mi ICH8 in AHCI, my Jmicron is disabled anyway.
  5. Nagelneue Festplatte defekt?

    Hallo, interessanterweise hab ich auch ne 1TB Platte von WD (auch SATA & Green) und ein ähnliches Problem. Unter meinem 10.5.6 läuft die Platte prima, unter 10.6.1 (ist auf der Platte) kommt es beim kopieren von grossen Files zu Hängern, die LED leuchtet dann auch durchgehend. Dachte zuerst es liegt am SATA Treiber, aber nach den Berichten hier bin ich mir da auch nicht mehr so sicher. Gibt´s schon was neues von Eurer Seite? Grüße Matthias
  6. hm damn, still the same problem. I even tried hooking the SL Drive to SATA0 (like some guy posted on his blog) but that doesn´t solve the problem either. I noticed that in my DSDT there is no (SATA) defined, is there supposed to be one? If yes, could you please share? BTW my Board Revision is 1 (kinda old hm Thanks & Greetings
  7. hey there,thanks for the response. I tried with both kext´s, it works the same without any of these (apart from orange icons of course). It´s really strange as my Leopard installation works great, allthough i remember having those problems once during an older installation. I´ll try to reinstall snow now once again to see if the problem remains. I´ll report later, thanks...
  8. Hey Guys, thanks a lot for your tips. My snow kittie is running fine EXCEPT the AHCI Ports. For some unknown reason the stall if I copy large files. Then the Finder gets stuck and it takes about 20 seconds to come back. Copying is choppy. Don´t have any ideas left, tried all sorts of stuff. Did you experience similar problems on your boards? P.S: Is your AHCI Port listed as IDE1@1F,2 in the IORegistryExplorer? Mine is though all BIOS Settings are AHCI. Thanks! Matthias
  9. hey thanks a lot, unfortunately i wasn´t able to fix it with the link. It´s quite strange because the snow leopard HD itself seem to work fine, but if i want to copy files from one HD to another the Finder takes a little nap for about 20 seconds... Any ideas?
  10. Hey there, i have a Problem i can´t wrap my head around: my Vanilla 10.6 Installation went flawless, i have a DSDT and Kext´s in Extra Folder, so fully working LAN, AUDIO, GFX etc. Only big issue that makes my 10.6 unusable is: if I have high hard disk load (e.g. copying 2 big files >1GB at the same time) my rig hangs for ca. 30 seconds with a beachball. Seems to be a problem with the ICH8 AHCI, but i can´t figure it out since my Leopard installation works fine on the same rig. But i remember having the same problem at a leopard installation once, so it´s not a snow leopard specific problem. Please help as it´s driving me crazy, everything i tried so far doesn´t help anything (trying several kexts, e.g. ahciportinjector, applePIIX etc.). Here´s my rig: Gigabyte 965-ds4 rev.1 2,66 ghz quad 6700 6gb RAM Western Digital 1TB snow leopard Samsung Spinpoint 1TB Leopard (all on Intel ICH Ports) Chameleon RC3 + Extra (fakesmc,nullCpuPowerManagement,OpenHaltRestart,SleepEnabler,PlatformUUID) + DSDT Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks & Greetings tisi
  11. hey, a new macfuse version is out. anyone noticed differences? Issues solved?
  12. Windows Vista problem

    hey, try booting the Vista DVD and check the repair options there. Start with the point where you can solve start-issues.
  13. hey guys, works fine here, but also i got the 0k error and have to killall Finder. But now my Diskutility and Spotlight stopped working. Any ideas?
  14. hey, try to boot of the harddisk with the install DVD still present in your DVD drive. Mine won´t boot correctly without it, i hang at "still waiting for root device". With the DVD present, the error still shows but OSX boot straight on. A solution to this anyone?