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  1. i reinstalled audio driver. but PCI card dont work. so i tryed another PCI slot. PCI card works good. ??? All Problems is solved. Thank you veryvery much Peach-OS. Though it is strange English. Thank you.
  2. thank you peach-os. soryy my english was bad always. PCI card is not working. IEEE1394HDD is turn on when buspowered. but its cant be seen on display. i cant use ieeeAudioInterface too. i thinked that i need something driver.
  3. my mother board EP45-UD3R dont see TIchipPCIcard. ieee1394 on EP45-UD3R works very well. i saw this link. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29583 but its too difficult for me to understand. do you know good way?
  4. yes!! i mistaked. i understood 32bit mode. both of UAD-1e and UAD-2 are no problem. im so happy. thank you very much!!! next problem is texas instruments IEEE1394PCICard.
  5. Thank you very much peach-os!!! i understood!!!
  6. thanx peach-os. i tryed 1 type "arch=i386" and press enter when booting. 2 type "uname -a to proof" in Terminal. 3 opened the HD/Extra/com.apple.boot.plist. and added <key>kernel flags</key> <string>arch=i386</string> Then restart. but icant use UAD-2. its flashing red/green and indicated No cards Found. is there wrong way? mmmmm. i have no idea.
  7. thanks for your reply. im sorry that i dont know well about i386. i made booted usb installed snow leopard and kakewalk for EP45-UD3R. after that, it followed a guide and it installed it. how do you make it to 32bit? it was thought that it was 32bit mode if I did not do anything. sorry wrong english.
  8. Hi i'm sorry in wrong english. i use GA-EP45-UD3R from Kakewalk. firewire can be used without trouble. but i cant use PCI and PCI-e for using UAD-2. i tryed to boot X58A-UD3R. it came to be able to use uad-2. but it becomes impossible to use firewire this time. is this problem solved if it does very?