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  1. Good day. I came here in great desperation and I really need help. I own an iMac with Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3. Aside from the internal system drive I also have a 250GB external USB drive. I have Drive Genius installed. I tried "rebuilding" the USB external drive but to my surprise Drive Genius froze! I have no choice but to force quit the app. Now my external drive won't mount anymore, cannot be detected/recognized in Disk Utility (both when logged in and booted from the Snow Leopard disc.) I'm really frustrated since I'm only a new user of Mac and I don't know how to do those Terminal commands if there is a solution to revive my external drive. Please help me anyone. I'm really desperate and frustrated now I researched regarding the matter and upon checking the things Drive Genius' "Rebuild" button fix is the Catalog B-Tree something. I can still hear the disc spinning so I guess it just broke the Catalog B-Tree or the files needed for the hard drive to be recognized. When I tried installing Applejack and restarting in single-user mode, it detects an error about "still waiting for AppleUSBUHCI" and "AppleUSBHubPort: Port 1 of Hub at0xfd000000 about to terminate a busy device" something like that. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. Steam for Mac is released.

    1) I know you can disable this via its Settings 2) Well for one that's their plan to monopolize the games so you won't play elsewhere 3) I haven't tried this one yet 4) You can disable this as well, but I'm quite sure some updates are necessary for games or else they won't load properly 5) Yep lag sucks
  3. External Hard Drive

    I prefer the Western Digital. My iMac's system drive (generic 320GB WD) crashed last month and I replaced it with Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black. Not having problems lately.
  4. Steam for Mac is released.

    Does anybody know when will Left 4 Dead 2 be released for Steam on Mac? I installed Steam just for it
  5. I love to eat sushi (and I use to play "Sushiboy" as a character in Bust-a-Move in my PS1 days.)
  6. Introduce Yourself

    Hello guys! I'm Angelo. I thought this site was for the Hackintosh project before. Glad it also have Mac-related threads and topics
  7. Mac OS X...on Consoles!

    I really don't get this one. What's the purpose of an OS in a console btw? I only have PS2 and i never tried something like this.