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  1. now it sees it. I used diskpart in windows as some instructions siad the problem now is though diskutility sees it in the osx installer anything i try to do with it it errors with disk input ouput if i try to format it, make it into a partition.. this is crazy it works perfect this drive in XP
  2. Tried that and no matter what I seem to do the no hard drive shows up in the disk utilities menu alls i see is the install dvd rom. So my setup is SATA disk on first port set to primary ATA drive on IDE channel set as a slave. I can see the drive in XP it is a primary set active and formated to fat32 any ideas? what is your exact HD setup and how was your drive set when you installed osx? was it unformated or some other way. I tried unformated but had some issues with acronis setting it to hidden.. thanks
  3. System is AMD 64 with a SATA drive that boots XP 64 and 1 slave drive which is PATA Wont see the SATA drive when I try to install.. This computer uses a nForce4-4X sata controller so I assume this doesnt work and there is no work around. Can I install OSX to the other drive being a PATA slave drive? I actually installed OSX to an external USB hard drive but on reboot even thought there is an option in the BIOS to boot from a USB drive it doesnt work with OSX on it just goes straight to XP 64 So whats the best way for me to go? I have a 10.4.6 patched OSX disk . thanks
  4. same instal as me I gave up sorry after months but then i have never done anything to do with ktext files in my life.. bets of luck it has to be something like that... someone suggested 10.4.5 worked
  5. No I only had 10.4.6 and 7 not 5 or earlier.. this dell has been too flakey so i just sold it and bough a mac mini alot less hassle but hey thanks for your reply..
  6. i expect the new mini to be out sometime this month maybe announced on 12th Septemeber at the Apple event. Who really knows. Yes the chip is swappable easy enough .. well it isn't really easy to get at initially but i popped mine open and put 1 gig of ram in and I could see the cpu heatsink so i could off popped that out in another 10 minutes .. check this link out for a video on it.. it is way easy to open the case than what it ;ools here though.. took me all of 20 seconds with a slim cheese cutter! I couldnt find my slim putty knife here is a video http://eshop.macsales.com/tech_center/inde...o/mini/med.html here is a detailed page for cpu removal u may need to choose english. http://hdtv.o0o.it/mini/
  7. ibook ? did i miss something or have you replied to the wrong post ?
  8. if you really want OSX then the apple is the way to go. I have been useing a Dell hackintosh and just bought a macmini and i cant believe what a nicer experience it is.. plus if i need i run the aplha of crossover office to run most windows apps without a copy of windows.. it rocks. of course if you are more interested in just a windows system then it maybe another story but the macbook is just the perfect size to carry about and such a nice setup
  9. Mac Pro - no TPM

    heres the though maybe apple decided it didnt need one as they are banking on the fact that it's Mac Pro is cheaper than it's competitors.. just a cheeky thought but wouldn't it be great if they have set a trend which has been alluded to to Phil Shiller that they will be cheap or cheaper for comaprablle hardware
  10. Why are Mac users Stuck up!

    I just know how to manage my finanace and spend it on what I really want..
  11. Why are Mac users Stuck up!

    i must be a rich postal worker then LOL sweet!
  12. Why are Mac users Stuck up!

    you guys make me laugh it is all so silly and you all get so serious about this stuff.. the last post said 1 thing i think is true.. get a life.. the rest of the post like most is just too unbelievably serious.. crikey guys these are only computers and maybe we should put our energies into something important like starving people and injustice or something of true value... come on.. smile a little have a good laugh at ourselves .. all this passion should be keep for a real cause or in th bedroom wink wink
  13. Why are Mac users Stuck up!

    I am a mac user who use to be a PC user and I am just an averge guy heck I even work at the post office so I am in no way stuck up so hey there is no need to fret you wont suddenly change when you buy a Mac you'll still be you and if you are stuck up now no doubt you will be after you buy your Mac.. but I am sure you are a nice guy and not stuck up now so hey relax and enjoy a new Mac or whatever else you want. The annoying people always stick out and I have met plenty of stuck up PC users who laugh and hassle me cause they feel they are superior and I am a dumb ass for switching to a Mac.. I now they are a tiny minority like the stuckup Mac users.. only a small percentage.. PS one cool thing is that if you buy Mac hareware you can bring all OS users together to one happy family by installing OS X Linux and Windows on the one system.. wow I never thought of this before we could be the new leaders the new world order and look down on those that only use one OS ! Today OSX and Linux and Windows tomoorow the world.. what hang on the police are breaking down the door no I am not stcuk up or insane or mad... Haha yes
  14. 2 x's 1 gig sticks making it 2 gigs max I think u can use an external drive on the firewire port to boot the Elgato stuff is definitly the way to go a few models but read around the web and youll see I have a mini myself the core duo 1.66 with 1.25g's of ram and 80gig the thing flies along.. they are in no way slow and the 5400rpm drives that come standard are only a tiny bit slower than a 7200 and most people wont notice it, it is more important to get the ram to 1 gig or above but 1 gig seems to be the sweet spot. I have a 2.4ghz dell optiplex hackintosh and the mini beats it no worries and is so much nicer as the dell has always had a few quirks with OS X so I am very happy. I bought mine brand new from a guy on ebay unopned and full apple warrenty etc for $650 USD and he even threw in free fedex to New Zealand for me.. pretty cool You can throw in a merom or faster yonah chip easy enough but I have no need of the extra speed at the moment Live 5 flies along and when Live six comes out I'll be even happier as it will use both cores so go even faster
  15. real macintel mac mini insatll disk?

    cheers i have not seen a non pwwer pc disk or set that is unpatched on demonoid.. maybe i missed it i saw an imac intel restore disk on another site but not too sure if this would work