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  1. Anyone??? I can't be the only one stuck with this problem
  2. Here's the setup.... I have VMware Fusion (v3.1) running MacOS 10.6 as a guest OS. This seems to have worked and I can boot into my VM without any issues. However, I can't seem to install VMWare tools so the only way to exchange files between Main OS and Guest OS is through USB drives. I know that MacOS is not supported by VMWare as a guest OS due to Apple's licensing restrictions. Was wondering if anyone had managed to get the VMWare tools running on MacOS which is installed as a guest OS? Or is this a limitation that everyone has been living with? Any help would be appreciated... Thx
  3. I'm sure it will.. I got me cash ready to go buy one on 7th June... Hope they make it available by then.
  4. At least Apple could have given us USB 3.0 but no, they wanna keep everything the same, just swap out the processor for a new one.
  5. Is this coming anytime soon? We are almost at WWDC where iPhone will steal the thunder...
  6. I can attest to that.. I got out and bought one.. The battery didn't last more than 5 hrs with all the recommended settings and I was only browsing the web, doing the occassional download. Me using the 7200 RPM. Guess you can only get 8 hrs if you are using SSD.
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    Half Life for Mac - 1984 ad spoof

    Ha ha.. Thx for sharing