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  1. I've been forced (at new job) to use a dell :/ I have VMWare Workstation 12 Pro 12.5.2 build-4638234, Unlocker 2.08 and a pre-existing macOS Sierra VM (set up on my original mac using VMWare Fusion) I have modified the vmx file with the following and the machine will boot. iMessage Debug did not return an existing system-id from the VM (running just fine/iMessage working under Mac VMWare Fusion) so i assumed i could exclude it, since the guide says 'optional' smc.version = "0" smbios.reflectHost = "FALSE" board-id.reflectHost = "FALSE" board-id = "Mac-BORKBORKBORKBORK" hw.model.reflectHost = "FALSE" hw.model = "VMware7,1" serialNumber.reflectHost = "FALSE" serialNumber = "BORKborkBORK" efi.nvram.var.ROM.reflectHost = "FALSE" efi.nvram.var.MLB.reflectHost = "FALSE" system-id.enable = "TRUE" efi.nvram.var.MLB = "BORKBORKBORKBORKB" but when I add the final line, VMWare errors with "VMX file is corrupt." efi.nvram.var.ROM = "BORKB" I THINK it has something to do with the text encoding from the hex<>ascii website.. my hex ROM converted to ascii only ends up as 5 characters.. not 6 as suggested in the guide, and presumably one of the characters is not UTF-8 compatible? Well.. I messed around with it and finally got rid of the corrupt VMX error.. must've been a problem i introduced when mixing and matching Mac TextEdit and Windows Notepad. PS THANK YOU!! THIS IS AWESOME!!
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    Force Windows 7 install DVD to do an EFI Boot

    anyone ever figure out where the BOOTX64.EFI file is at on the Win7 install DVD? I can't find it either. When i run the cdboot.efi, i am returned to my laptop's efi boot device selection screen. I CAN get the install dvd to boot in efi mode thanks to my laptop's efi support, but it loads the bootx64.efi file.. I'm trying to install via USB.. and i can't find that efi file to copy over!