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  1. Hello. I just updated my hackintosh to 10.6.5 from 10.6.4. After the install my graphic driver and audio is missing. I was stupid to just run the Mutibeast like I did in 10.6.4, but the the screen went blue i stock. Then i deletet evert ati*.kext and rebootet, then the system could start. But the graphic sucked. I then dowloaded and installed the 10.6.5 qe_ci patch from netkas.org. but the screen went totally down, it flikked between black and white. So i deletet that alsow. Now I'm back to scratz, any one whos got an Idea who to get my Ati 4890 to work again??? Thanks Very Much.. Ps the audio dosent work either on my gigabyte x58a-ud3r...
  2. Hello geeks! I'm in a situation where I really need some help. First my setup: Gigabyte x58a-ud3r intel core i7 2,8hgz corsair 3xm 2x2 gb ddr3 Ati 4890 (club 3d) What have I tried: First of all i followed this guide: I did every thing i the bios as he said. Then i downloaded the empireEFI v. 1.80 When I boot the cd its looks good, then i setin the snow leopard retail disk (upgrade version) Then after about 5 minut its up and I can choose my language But then i stalls, I can move the mouse, but thats it, cant click on any contry I want to use. After about 20 mins I can choose my languageand continue. It installs the Mac OS X successfully, but when i then reboots its stock again where you enter all the information. ###### I have tried kakewalk, [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], EmpireEFI 1.85, and nothing works. I have installed windows 7 on the machine to see if there was any Hardware fails, but windows 7 is working perfect. I tried with diffrent ram, and another gfx(dont know what it is). Can some one please help me, I'm lost:S I have used the gfx for a installation on a nother computer, but then i used iDeneb and not a retail copy of mac osx... Thanks so much for the person who can help me with this.!!! Regards Zaule
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    Hello. I'm new in the mac world, put I'v see what they can and tried one and decided, this is it. Im not new in pc world so I know what to know, but it’s the mac world I'm new in;) Right now i'm the owner of a AMD III x4, and i have tried before to install osx on this machine, after ALOT of trobbule i got it working, but it was not running that well, and a lot of failures. So now i want to build a new computer with "mac compabilitity ". I’ve tried to do a little reading on this, but im to sure if this is the right software for me, so if anyway have anything to say to the software below, they are welcome:) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 1.0) CPU: Core i7 I7-930 8 MB (Intel Boxed) GFX: XFX Radeon HD 5670 (1 GB) Memory: 4gb DDR3 corsair (from my old pc) HDD: 500GB Sata samsung that’s about it, the rest I have... I have a 500watt PSU, that should be good?` I'm using my computers to a lot of graphical jobs, so it should run Photoshop cs4 with no problems? Please give my some links of anything you think I should read, I’ll like this computer too be easy to install mac osx and not a lot of troubles with driver ect. Sorry for my bad English:)
  4. Hello... Great guide!. i got everything working even my ati HD 4890 sound and everything. BUT, when i try to launch a movie video clip ect, the program im using fails. This happens if i uses VLC, QUICKTIME, iTUNES, DIVX, so I dont thing it's the programs. Any suggestion on why this is happing? THX