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  1. YES!! It work! Incredible!)) Thank's dude!!! [snow Leo 10.6.8 Native Bootloader Chimera, i3 540 4Gb RAM, P7H55-M]
  2. First of all switch off integrated netcard. Use a cheap D-Link or same {censored}... S3 in power section must be activated// And no other tricks.. Good luck, man!
  3. Hello, everybody! Has a lot of sex fun Yesterday)) Found very useful one thing called "EasyKit" by dangreen... Followed by instruction I insert EasyKit, boot from it then insert Snow Leo Retail DVD and install OS. I honestly didn't expect a successful installation. But .. during the installation process did not raise any problems. After installing Snow Leo had to be defined with the kernel. My choice - Left the vanilla kernel . Installed a few fix'es and that's all! Excluding the video! AGP Geforce 7600 GS 256 MB. Bootloader - Chameleon. After rebooting with -V -F -X the system has successfully booted But... without that keys - black screen. Most likely the problem in the video. Or in the kernel. Please answer, if I was able to boot with -v-f-x after OS installing- whether this means that the launch of the system possible? Or not?? Thank's a lot
  4. Patched RTL 8187B USB WLAN Adapter

    OK, dudes.. Why all of advisors don't speak about one important thing- You MUST dont simply replace ONE ID by ANOTHER!!!! YOU MUST know in system profiler HEX ID and translate it to DEC.. And after that replace CORRECT number in ID string!!! To translate there are many tools.. And one simple official tool- Calculator in MAC Applications Folder...