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  1. ok I got resolution up to 1600 x 900 and multiple resolutions using RadeonHD.kext but no QE and no dvd playback using dvd player i get error -70017 no valid video device and also VLC won't play dvd's or video's get sound but no picture... can play videos using quicktime but no dvd playback at all definitely an improvement but sure would like to resolve this problem as well... anyone have a solution?
  2. OK I cheated and removed hard drive and put in a an external case and plugged into my system and removed all ATI kexts and now I'm back up with just minimum 1024x768 resolution... so far so good. But can anyone tell me how to get this into QE or at least multiple resolutions?
  3. I have a friend's Sony VGN-fw55gf Laptop with ATI Mobility HD 4650 (god-awful cheap @#$%^& chip) was working (barely only 1024x768x32) in 10.5.6 using Natit kext, but when upgraded to 10.5.8 lost graphics and can't even boot safe mode. Can someone please help me with a working kext for this horrible chip? would kill for QE or at least choice of resolutions, but at this point would even settle for 1 working resolution again as I have finished setting up machine and now can't do anything at all. The ID for this chip is 0x94801002 Thank you in advance for your help/experience getting this thing to work again ok solved resolution problem with RadeonHD.kext now have multiple resolutions up to 1600x900x32 but no QE and no DVD playback (get -70017 error and vlc can't play dvd either, get sound but black screen. anyone know how to fix dvd playback? or another program to use that will work? thanks...
  4. new can of worms...

    I have built a few hackintoshs but until today have never gotten one into 64bit mode successfully untill now. I just installed 10.6.3 Iatkos onto a Dell Dimension 4700 and it came up in 64bit mode everything working perfectly troo. Only problem is f I boot into 32bit mode I have no USB at all which means I also have no mouse or keyboard either since they are usb. How can I fix this? are my chipset drivers or usb drivers only 64bit compatible? I was shocked that safari crashes constantly in 64bit (even 5.0) and that my norton AV auto protect won't work in 64bit, so obviousl;y I will need to boot 32bit from time to time. Can someone please give me a clue as to how to fix this new problem?