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  1. kevnaca

    Leopard Software Update Down?

    Sounds like you need to upgrade to the retail version, 9A581.
  2. kevnaca

    Hotmail in mail in Leopard?

    Honestly, as others put it, Gmail is the easiest and best way (it's free) to go about what you want to do. Yeah it sucks, but otherwise you will have to get Hotmail Plus for pop access. EDIT I stand corrected. MacFreePop works for me. Thank you Hessel.
  3. kevnaca

    Can't get a torrent client/app to work with leopard

    Torrenting alive and well here on Azureus! It's your client or something. Leopard has zero problems with torrents.
  4. kevnaca

    Post Your Leopard Desktop...

    My beauty. Love it? Nice Leopard and Vista blend background... The wallpaper and similar others --> http://search.deviantart.com/?section=brow...3A5&q=bituf
  5. kevnaca

    Software Update

    Okay they are just preparing the Update Server looks like. My software update has been working the past 2 days and earlier today. Don't worry they are just getting things ready. Remember Leopard is already out in Japan and other countries that part of the world.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc9GgR-rmO8 Read the comments.
  7. Some people over in Japan already have it so we will know momentarily.
  8. You'll just have to wait till tomorrow. It's only a day awayyyyy. Well it's 4 1/2 hrs till people in New Zealand can have it and 7 1/2 in Australia! Maybe they will confirm.
  9. kevnaca

    2d Dock for Leopard

    http://lime.quickshareit.com/share/picture1d2a37.png defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean YES killall Dock If you want the 3d back: defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean NO killall Dock
  10. System Prefs --> Spotlight --> Privacy tab
  11. kevnaca

    2 Days/7 Hours/54 Minutes

    Use the hack somewhere do get it down to a single disc size or get a Dual Layer DVD.
  12. It's really nice to have Leopard before everyone else does So far after a day, I'm loving it. My Macbook Pro feels faster!
  13. I'm running 9a581 and here is Boot Camps "Upgrading from Boot Camp Beta" help page says: "If you’ve already installed Boot Camp Beta on your computer, you don’t need to repartition your hard disk or reinstall Windows in order to upgrade. To upgrade from Boot Camp Beta, you update the Boot Camp drivers for Windows. To update the Boot Camp drivers for Windows: Restart your Mac using Windows. Insert the Mac OS X Leopard disc or “Mac OS X Install Disc 1” that came with your computer to install the Boot Camp drivers."
  14. Thanks you so much, this has helped for me. I'm a noob at Usenet.
  15. Without a shadow of a doubt now. I believe 9A581 will be the build on the DVDs.