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  1. nForce Sata Workaround

    Well I don't know if my problem has any relation to the problems people are having with the SATA, but if its freezing while its booting boot with the -v option and post what it says before/when it freezes.
  2. omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    I just want to state from the get-go that I personally don't care if Omni releases sourcecode. But just a reminder that IF and that's just IF he used any GPLd code with his drivers he is legally required to release the sourcecode if he is to distribute it. Personally I think his reasons not to are more than good enough. And legally even running OS X like we all do now is against the law. SO Stop your complaints about him not releasing sourcecode when you still continue running an ILLEGAL version of OS X on your PC.
  3. Not sure on the onboard issue but you could get a Creative Soundblaster live 5.1 IF ITS USB.. The internal pci or onboard don't work.. Also if you don't feel like spending as much on a USB sound card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16829130001 is cheap and is supposed to work just fine with OSX86
  4. Hehe my bad.. was at school and was probably draining all my attention and awareness..
  5. omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    Personally I see no reason for people to keep posting here. I mean Omni KNOWS we are all apreciative of his work and are looking forward to it.. But there's no reason for post after post cheering him on without any real benefit/contribution to his work. All these posts really do is clutter up the topic and make it hard to tell if there's any real updates... Just my 2cents..
  6. I believe there's a MIDI tool in the Applications/Utilities folder that lets you set up surround sound. I Could very well be wrong as my internal onboard Creative Sound Blaster live-24bit doesnt work.. WHY oh WHY did I get a nonstandard Nforce 4 board..
  7. Creative AudioPCI Sluggish

    That's most likely because Maxxuss's patch's are installed already on most stuff. His audio patch is preinstalled on my 10.4.4/5 dvd.
  8. Creative AudioPCI Sluggish

    Well that's no good Maybe someday Maxxuss will release an updated version... But I don't he's going to wait 5 months between updates.. So I think we are screwed unless one of us having the problem can figure it out.
  9. Creative AudioPCI Sluggish

    Is everyone here using 10.4.4 or 10.4.5? I'm going to test this out on 10.4.3 and see if it fixes the problem. But before I take the time to get a 4.3 disc can anyone having this problem tell me if they are already using 10.4.3?
  10. VPC Owners with XP out of luck under Bootcamp

    You should be able to download a windows xp disc of the same version as came with Virtual PC and just use your serial that came with VPC and its still legal.
  11. Creative AudioPCI Sluggish

    Anyone have any ideas for solution?
  12. Creative AudioPCI Sluggish

    Just forgot, its a real pain in the but to do that while playing WoW.
  13. Creative AudioPCI Sluggish

    Yeah doing the same in iTunes does the same fix for me.. I wish I could use my onboard soundcard lol... SBlive 24bit with 7.1 surround :/ Such a waste of a nice speaker system on a stereo solution..
  14. I'm currently using Maxxuss's Ensoniq AudioPCI drivers for my Creative AudioPCI in native and everything works except that after 15 minutes or so, or even under heavy load, all the sound output becomes distorted until I unload the kext and reload it.. Is there any solution to my problem?
  15. Still Waiting for Root Device with Nforce4

    Well I guess the reason my dvd drive didn't pick up is my mobo must be buggy.. It now detects the drive about 3 out of 4 boots.. Now I just need to get my onboard Soundblaster Live to work as my PCI soundblaster really sucks lol.