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  1. I've been writing AppleScripts for a few years now, off and on. Thought I would share the list of what I've written and posted with the forum. I'm sure some of these may have been posted in other areas, or have similar functions to other AppleScripts. Anyway, Enjoy! http://soniq.org/son...ory/macsoftware OS X App - Uptime Reporter OS X App - Single Site Checker OS X App - Screen Saver Activators OS X App - QuickTalker 1.0 - Quick Speech Synth OS X App - Quick Backup OS X App - LockTheDock 2.0 OS X App - iTunes Visualizer Rotation 4.0 OS X App - iTunes Playlist QuickPicker OS X App - iPhoto: Export ALL Events to Folders OS X App - Hide iTunes OS X App - HandBrake Batch OS X App - Fix Permissions for OS X Files OS X App - Find PowerPC Apps (Lion Upgrade) OS X App - DropBox Conflicted File Finder OS X App - Disk Label Finder OS X App - Disk Ejector OS X App - Clean All Cache 3.0 OS X App - Batch Image Resizer OS X App - Backup or Sync Google Docs to your Local Drive OS X App - Adium Will and Grace Quote Generator OS X App - Adium Status Icons OS X App - Fix File Permissions