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  1. "Witing on boot volume with UUID" msg. Then the machine will simply hang... its a hardware hang because the keyboard is not functional (you can see from the caps lock button light do not change when press), the hdd stop... etc.
  2. sorry i forgot to make myself clear... my first attempt was with Hazard SL 10.6.2, it got me nowhere but rebooting itself after a few lines boot with the dvd... the next attempt was exactly like this thread which was with the iDeneb... but until the message with the UUB or something (like our friend's thread above) my pc hang... with both scenario, i have tried with and without the AHCI enabled, with and without the flags as per explained (but my cpu is phenom ii x2 so i specified the cpu to either 2 or 1 but it didnt work)...
  3. hi kairy, i have changed the ide to ahci and yes i have tried the bus ratio value to 20... how am i supposed to install that kext?
  4. I am currently using one with the same memory config but with a dual core phenom II but i guess this should be no pbm. I have tried booting with SL 10.6.1 distro for AMD by Hazard but the same thing happened (the rebooting). I have tried booting in verbose mode with the parameter you specified but to no avail, it kept rebooting. My hware config is the same except for the CPU & my graphic card is an HD 4850. Did you play around with the bios setting? Oh yes, my HD is a sata and so is my dvd drive. My keyboard & mouse are both usb. Are these of any problem? Please assist me, i really appreciate your help on this. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi ratvn, I have checked the post above but it mentioned that it need a working Leopard installation to start with while I have none. I am curious as to how to do installation with the original SL dvd, if it is possible.
  6. Firstly I would like to say that I am yet to own a Mac but planning to get one next week a Macbook Pro. I also plan to build a Hackintosh using my AMD pc (Phenom II X2 with Asus Ati Mobo). I appreciate some insights on how to do this. I have been told that I can use original SL dvd to do this with some modification of course, so this is the route that I want to take. If you guys may, please advise me on how to use orginal SL to setup, where I can get the appropriate files/driver/kexts/whatever to accomplish this (pls pardon my still incomplete understanding of terms related to Mac like kexts and such.) Just to inform that my rig is based on AMD Phenom II X2 on AM3 Asus Mobo on Ati chipset and Radeon HD4850, SB Audigy 2ZS soundcard. Although I am zero with Mac however I am a technical guy so I am more than willing to experiment provided I can get enough information to proceed with. This is where I need your help in pointing me to the right direction. Thanks in advance.