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  1. Hey, I'm not sure where to post this exactly. I figured this was the best place. Anyway I was considering getting a Macbook Pro, but my Dell already is a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB or Ram, etc. So I'm not too far away from a Macbook Pro. I currently have Leopard 10.5.8 installed on my laptop. Upgraded from iATKOS v7. Anyway I was thinking of upgrading to Snow Leopard, to upgrade and in hopes that maybe I can work on fixing my shutdown/restart issue. I keep seeing everyone mention the retail disk and the only thing I can find is the $29 upgrade disc at Best Buy/Apple's online store, is this what you guys are using for retail copies? Also I keep searching and am probably searching the wrong terms, but is there any thread you can direct me to, or can anyone give me q uick lowdown on the advantage of SnowOSX vs. using a retail disk? Thanks for the help guys!
  2. DuoWing

    Leopard won't boot after attempt to sleep

    Are you running 10.5.7 or did you upgrade to 10.5.8? When running 10.5.7 I luckily had no issues when it came to using sleep, but once I upgraded to 10.5.8, sleep no longer worked. http://thireus.dareyourmind.net/index.php/...os-1058-install I used the SleepEnabler.kext file I got from that site and that fixed my sleep issue. I'm still wishing I could find a way to reboot/shutdown properly with NVidia drivers.
  3. DuoWing

    10.5.8 upgrade from iAtkos v7 on Intel DX58SO

    This is an odd one for me, but I just updated my 10.5.7 and upon first boot everything looked ok, then it failed. I someway messed it up. I reloaded 10.5.7 and then immediately updated and I didn't even need to reinstall anything and it worked. I used iATKOS v7 as well. Broke my sound and sleep, but got those sorted out eventually.
  4. DuoWing

    How to get your Nvidia card working in Leopard!

    As mentioned probably by others. Hate to bring up old topics, but this was a fantastic thread. I've tried so many things for hours attempting to get full video card support with Quartz Extreme. I came across this and it worked like a charm with my GeForce 8400M GS. Only thing I did differently was use NVKush instead of NVInject. I've come across people saying that NVKush seems to be better with the 8400M. Thanks again!
  5. DuoWing

    Shutdown kext for iatkos 10.5.7?

    I'm actually wondering about this too. I found in one thread that this seems to be just an issue related to the Nvidia drivers. If I could find something to fix the shutdown/restart issue I'd pretty much have my OS X install running perfectly.
  6. DuoWing

    Random kernel panics

    My issues is kind of related to this. I have a Dell Inspiron 1420. I managed to install iAtkos v7 on it. I'm running a triple boot system with Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.04, and Mac OS X(what I'm on right now). Anyway it'll randomly get kernel panics when booting. I haven't encountered a kernel panic while using the OS yet, but sometimes it'll kernel panic while booting and freeze my computer. I'll restart it and try again using the -v and -f options exactly like I did when it froze and now it won't kernel panic and startup. Any advice on what I need to look at for a clue as to what the issue is?
  7. Hey guys, new here. I actually just started using Ubuntu about a week ago and I'm learning a whole bunch of new stuff. I quickly got accustomed to Grub 2 and how to edit the menus, etc. I decided I wanted to try and do an OSx86 triple boot between Ubuntu, OS X, and Win 7. After several tries I managed to get everything working except for OS X. I stumbled across this thread after a google search and I have to say that first post really helped me out. So far it seems like I actually have less trouble booting into OS X than I did before. For some reason when I boot via Grub 2 it will actually shutdown and restart OS X correctly as well. I don't know if you guys figured it out or not, but I noticed that you can have Grub 2 load it with commands such as -x, -v, and -f. I just have it set like this: menuentry "MacOS X (32-bit)" { set root='(hd0,4)' insmod video insmod vbe gfxmode="1440x900x32" xnu_kernel /mach_kernel rd=disk0s4 -v -f if [ /System/Library/Extensions.mkext -nt /System/Library/Extensions ]; then xnu_mkext /System/Library/Extensions.mkext else xnu_kextdir /System/Library/Extensions fi } I had tested it by just throwing -x in there and it booted up in safe mode no problem. Or leave it and just hit the e key on that menu item in Grub 2 and add in whatever command you want it to boot with. Even if you guys have already come across this, I at least wanted to say thanks for the help!