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  1. How can Apple make gaming better?

    Just on the offchance, but has anyone had experience personal or annecdotal on running MS Flight Sim x on a bootcamp MacPro. Im considering buying one for my studio as a Audio Workhorse but it would be nice to go for a fly as well...
  2. just NOT the Behringer..
  3. Homosexuals

    your not wrong there alessandro.... right off to answer my hackintosh or mac buying and upgrading questions..
  4. Homosexuals

    imagine my suprise, I joined here as Im trying to get my head around the principles involved in building a hackintosh for my recording studio, some great info here, and clearly some knowledgeable folks. I have learned much already and no doubt will have many more questions as time goes by.....but then I stumbled on this thread. Im {censored}, out and pretty damm fine with it, I live in Auckland New Zealand (its peeing down here at the moment). I own a recording studio that I built with my own toolkit, teach audio engineering to young people, work part time at TVNZ as a director, and play flight sim when there is time and Im not out socialising. Have lots of friends, some {censored} some not. the quality of those friendships individually has nothing at all to do with their orientation. So Ive read most of the thread and heard some of the same old lala that Ive heard before from only a few posters Im pleased to say. The vast majority of the posting in here has been cool. So consider me suprised in that this is the last subject I thought Id encounter on a mac site, and suprised at the general level of comment overall.... Hi from NZ