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  1. Thanks guys, but I still get no audio with those kexts. I'll keep trying.
  2. I have had pretty good success installing Kalyway 10.5.2 on my GA-EX58-UD4P, but no audio, despite trying several kexts. The system profiler shows 0 processors and 4 cores. Can anyone confirm that all for cores are really being used? Also is there a more recent distro or reliable way to update to 10.5.5 or 10.5.6 that is mostly issue free? Thanks! Chris
  3. How fast is OSx86 AGP?

    I thought I read somewhere on the forums that AGP throughput in OSX86 is no faster than regular PCI... Is this the case? Or is it using the full AGP bandwidth? Thanks! Chris
  4. Hi everyone. This is a long story, so bear with me. I have this graphics card, and everything seemed okay, CI/QE are both listed as supported, I get the ripple and cube effects, etc. However- I got in the mood to play the UT2400 Demo, and noticed it ran very slow. Since I upgraded to this card post-installation, I assumed I might be using non-accelerated OpenGL. I hosed a kext or two trying to "improve" things. No big deal, I restored the system back where it was at. Anyway, I installed a seperate Jas 10.4.8 on an external drive (to get original copies of files for reference) and I noticed that there were several bundles that were installed there that were never installed on my previous working installation. These arelocated in /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/versions/A/Resources. Examples include: GLDriver.bundle GlEngine.bundle GLRasterRGB Bundles (several flavors, looks like 16 and 32 bit color?) GLRendererFloat.bundle (I assume this is a floating point library for opengl?) and a plist. In addition, the /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/versions/A/Libraries folder contains several libGL* libraries. None of these were created in my original install. So...I assume these are the Nvidia accelerated OpenGL libraries, but how do I install them now? Would they help? I copied them over and changed the permissions, but UT2004 still seems jerky and slow. Could this also be because it's using PCI instead of AGP? Is their some other step I need to do to get this working post install? Thanks, Chris P.S. This is a 2.79 Dual-core Intel system with SSE3 support.
  5. Super User issues

    try using the command "sudo su" at the prompt.
  6. Software update

    So, what's the verdict on installing the daylight savings update? Does it break anything?
  7. OSx86 supported USB-Soundcards

    AuldousHxIE: Yep, that did it. I bought the Sound Blaster, and it works great. Stereo sound and the microphone, everything looks like it is detected, and working. I think even 5.1 sound, but I'll have to try it. Looks promising there, too though. Thanks again! Chris
  8. OSx86 supported USB-Soundcards

    Thanks! You just saved me a whole lot of grief! Chris
  9. OSx86 supported USB-Soundcards

    I sent AldusHxIE a message, but realized others might want to know the same information. AldusHxIE, is this the same card you are talking about? http://us.creative.com/products/product.as...p;product=10702 I only ask because Creative changes their product line up faster than just about any company I can think of. Thanks! Chris