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  1. 7900GS 256MB 10.6 = OK , 10.6.2 = KP

    how did you fix it?
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH. but i thought i would point out that it doesnt have to be that model. I had a Belkin F5D9050 v4000 just begging to be used and this worked flawlessly even when belkins own 10.4 drivers failed. i love you. i have this feeling that It will work on pretty much anything. As a matter of fact, as far as i can tell, it doesnt look for what usb adapter it is and just heads straight for the wireless hardware itself and uses its own driver protocols
  3. Broadcom BCM5787M/BCM5784M - A solution

    OK SO I GOT IT WORKING!!!! YAY anyway, now that im done rejoicing I would like to thank you guys for all that you have done. but i would like to point out the the hex editor in the read me does not work. u should put a link to the hex editor i used in the first post it can be found here: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/vt3/10658 but again. thanks so much
  4. Broadcom BCM5787M/BCM5784M - A solution

    hey, having trouble installing the 84M kext. or at least its not being effective. do i need to edit the hex before install the kext or after? Im running 10.6.3 but it didnt work before i upgraded either so im assuming that doesnt make a difference also the hex editor that is in the readme doesnt work. it doesnt show anythign in the kext. i had to download hexeditor 2.2 for mac which i found through google. lastly do u think you could re-write the read me? its highly technical and/or written in very bad english. a nood to hackintosh version would be great. because normally the firs thing a person dies is try to get the internet working so its important to be able to understand it. Thanks, begna112