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  1. Mount ext3 partitions in OS X?

    It seems that partitions mounted via the shell don't show up on the desktop automatically. However, if you go to Go->Go To Folder in Finder, and type in the path to your new mount point ("/Volumes/Linux" or whatever), it will open up your linux partition in GUI, and the drive icon for Linux will also magically show up on the desktop as well, as you'll see it in your applications. I've added the commands to mount my ext3 partitions to /etc/rc, so that they get mounted at boot. If you do the same, you'll see these partitions in the GUI whenever you boot OS X, so you don't have to go through mounting them manually through the terminal and then making them appear using the trick described above.
  2. Yes. I have a system similar to yours (Except Athlon 64 3200+ instead of 3700+, and 7600GS card). The OS X installer is very slow and laggy, but once you finish installing and boot up the system, everything is blazing fast. It is much faster than XP and Gnome in Ubuntu, IMO.
  3. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can get sound working with OS X on VMWare. VMWare provides it's own "virtual" sound card to guest systems (independent of your physical sound device), so it wouldn't matter what card you actually have; same applies to video. I think a lot of people seem to confuse virtual hardware in VMWare with their real physical hardware. If you install OSx86 directly on your hard drive, though (without VMWare), your sound should work out of the box (I have the same soundcard and it works).
  4. macvidia?

    Good enuff for me, just email me/us the link when you're ready. Thanks.
  5. macvidia?

    Could some one please send me the latest macvidia drivers as well? My email is canwolf AT gmail DOT com. It must be bad luck because apparently, the day I finally managed to install OS X on my PC natively, the macvidia website stopped working (I even thought it's my ethernet driver (by forcedeth) glitching at first!). Right now I can't get OS X to run at anything higher than 1024x768 (even if I specify my "Graphics Mode" at boot prompt), I assume that's because I don't have proper drivers for my NVidia card. By the way, thanks to JaS (whose DVD I am using) and everyone else for their efforts to get OS X running on non-Apple machines. This is just awesome!