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  1. My call with Apple Support

    Thanks for the chuckle
  2. HFS+ Partition Error

    Its not a Dell by any chance is it. The Dell MBR doesn't play well if you have Dell MediaDirect, System restore, and a Utility Partition and then try to add a OSX one. I had to wipe the whole drive and the start fresh to make it work.
  3. JaS.10.4.8.Intel.SSE3 Reports - laptop ONLY

    Dell E1705 Nic requires IONetworking.kext (440x) Wireless nogo (Intel) ATI X1400 1024x768 no QE/CI other than that.. it works
  4. I am currently working with the E1705 and the New New Patched JaS 10.4.8 SSE3 Intel Only disc. I have had a little success. Hoping an E1705 expert could help clarify the current status of things. This is the way I understand it, please clarify if you know otherwise. Dual Core (Yonah): Still stutters Video (ATI X1400): Heard there is a fix for external monitor only (boris method I think) Wireless (Intel 3945): Intel a No Go but Dell 1350 work Sound (Sigmatel): Still no dice NIC: Works.. try going on battery and then on A/C if it doesn't come right up The real problem I am having is that no matter what I do I cannot get the Darwin loader to come up. Anybody got a definitive guide on how to properly format and partition for dual boot, without using GParted or the built in Disk Util. Now you know where I am at with my E1705.
  5. Fixed: About this Mac crashing on 8.8.1 Kernel

    Yeah I could use copies as well.
  6. I am having the same issues with my E1705. Profiler has en0 (Internal Network Device) but does not work.
  7. New JaS DVD

    I was able to use my download to do an install. There was a problem with the partition that is created by the included Disk Utility. I've been using a third party utility to switch the boot flag to the appropriate partition. Other than that: Broadcom 440x NIC - Not Working Intel Wireless 3945 a/b/g - Not Working (wasn't expecting it) ATI Mobility X1400 - 1024x768 only (No QE/CI) Sigmatel 9200 - (device id 7290) not working However About is working, some have reported that it is not. BTW - This is the first time I have used a "Mac" since Apple IIe and Oregon Trail. If you know of a fix for the problems mentioned above (or know a third party utility I can use to make the partition to avoid the boot problems) please let me know. Harry938 at hotmail.com EDIT: About was reporting my proc as a Core Duo 2.13 GHz even though I have a 2.0 GHz. I did not adjust any FSB settings.
  8. New JaS DVD

    Maybe I should clarify. My computer is available to seed around the clock until about Thursday evening. After that I will seed except during 6:00PM to 10:00PM EST while I play on the new OSX86 install. I'll do my part, don't worry.
  9. New JaS DVD

    Most of us understand JaS. We appreciate it, we really do. I'll be seeding whenever I'm not using the computer.
  10. New JaS DVD

    Glad you mentioned it before i spent all that time downloading it. I'm running RC1 still.
  11. Feel as though my pc has SLUDGE

    This is a new error I have been seeing across my domain. Try turning off Automatic Updates form the control panel. I think you'll find that the utilization will drop almost immediately. It is a problem with Microsoft Update scanning for Office updates.. but a new update messes up the registry so its scans for new updates in a loop. The only fix I know is to dis enroll from Microsoft Update or shut of Automatic Updates.