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  1. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    thank you for the quick response..
  2. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    hi, i'm using an Asrock Z77 OC Formula and 3770k, now I used PMPatch to patche my 2.00 bios and the output generated is attached.. my question is, the powermanagement module is not found, is this fine? thank you
  3. ATI HD 5770

    i'm using empire efi v1.085, try it tell me if it works boot first with nvidia compatible card and then install the drivers then change the card and dont forget to delete the nvidia drivers
  4. ATI HD 5770

    try this reinstall, in 10.6 install the ATY_Init (vervet) with the 7 drivers using kext helper b7 then install whatever like dsdt, 32bit com.apple.boot.plist, bootloader and whatever kext you need to boot up properly... don't forget to set the GraphicsEnabler=No and boot in 32bit restart then update to 10.6.4 be sure you have all 7 plus ATY_Init (vervet) tell me if it worked by the way there's a thing PCUID thingy for the one's without DSDT... tell me the results my boot.plist looks like this and edit the one on the Extra folder i uploaded the files that i used ATI.zip
  5. ATI HD 5770

    i have 5770 too but when i used 10.6 it's slow and doesn't have qe/ce but when i upgraded to 10.6.4 everything is fast and i can watch with vlc and open front row... so i suggest that you use 10.6.4
  6. ATI HD 5770

    i manage to get it working in 32 bit now i deleted delete ATY_Init.kext, ATIRadeonX3000.kext and ATISupport.kext run kext utility installed 7 kext without ATY_Init edited my boot.plist with graphicsenabler=yes and arch=x86_64 still black screen but i manage to boot sl but with graphicsenabler set to no but 1024x768 resolution but when i revert the settings, installed again the 7 kext and ATY_Init my computer is slow again, and doesn't have QE/CI coz no ripple effect on dashboard widgets and no video on VLC i wanted to boot in 64 bit can you help me thanks
  7. ATI HD 5770

    you can install the driver in 10.6 but upgrading to 10.6.4 it will work flawless in 32 bit... 10.6 does not fully support the 5000 drivers, it's kinda slow but when i upgraded to 10.6.4 everything seems fast... i used ATY_Init (vervet) and the 7 other files using kext helper b7, set GraphicsEnabler=No using terminal and typed sudo nano /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist and boot in 32bit everything will work... i'm gonna try removing ATY_init and boot in 64bit with GraphicsEnabler=Yes... my card is 5770 by the way... my card before is GTS 250 so i have to remove NV64Enabler in /Extra/Extensions
  8. ATI HD 5770

    i installed the drivers using 10.6, it works like a charm but in 32 bit and i have ATY_Init... im currently updating to 10.6.4 and then remove the ATY_Init and run it in 64 bit hopefully it'll work flawless cause i can't run front row and it's kinda slow although my system profiler recognizes it and runs on 1920x1080 on hdmi...
  9. ATI HD 5770

    any simple solutions in for 64 bit? tried the velvet i only get black screen... anyone tried fresh install?