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    News! Pandora's Box Beta2 is OUT

    We have MyHack, KakeWalk, not to mention the tools created by the guys you hate, why the hell do we need another hackintosh install tool???
  2. Bug report: version 1.0.2 causes a massive KP on my Lenovo G570. It happens just out of the blue, when I'm not even using my Ethernet port. I'm on WiFi constantly, and KPs occur randomly.
  3. TommyDaB1G

    Intel E5700

    Short answer: YES I have an E2200, SL with vanilla kernel runs perfectly, I tried Lion, and it does too :)Mine has "Conroe" core, and so do some later C2D models. The case is the same with the Wolfalde CPUs. It seems to be only a brand change, or some minor changes in the CPU itself. The core is the same and this is what matters.
  4. TommyDaB1G

    lion on pentium 4

    Hi! I am also willing to try out if there's gonna be a new Legacy kernel. My specs are: -Gigabyte G41M-ES2L REV1.0 mobo -Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2200 (Conroe-1M core, 1MB L2 cache) -3GB DDR2-800 memory -Gainward nvidia 8600gt 256mb This rig is fully OS X compatible, the only matter is the CPU. It can be used only with a Legacy kernel, but PLEASE NOTE: THERE CPUS PERFORM STILL PRETTY DAMN GOOD, MY E2200 BENCHMARKS BETTER THAN MY BROTHER'S AMD ATHLON64 X2 4300+ We are not talking about the old ancient single-core Socket478 CPUs. They are capable of running....Tiger But that's the end. So don't diss this CPU, I'm perfectly fine with my rig (I also happen to have an aluminum unibody macbook )))
  5. Finally, I took all the 2 tests, so I can post here. PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM GRAPHICS ARTIFACTS AND OTHER PROBLEMS ON HP DC7600 INTEL GMA 950! Everyone said, just patch DSDT. Nobody said how to do it. I found a guide that provided information about patching the DSDT for Intel GMA950. Unfortunately that guide couldn't be applied on the HP DC7600 since it didn't have the sections needed in the DSDT. However I found a post which explained that code needs to be pasted elsewhere in the dsdt. I tried it, and I had success. I spent long hours doing this, (instead of preparin for my matura exam ). So here it is people, feel free to share! (Because no one bothered to answer, no one bothered to share a ... DSDT file...) Instructions can be found inside. Greetings, Tommy NaGZ edit: by the way I missed 3 days of preparing because of getting this hackintosh work, but I still passed with good results Hungarian, English, History, English civilization are all 5, only Maths are 3 Yaaay! DSDT_Fix_for_HP_DC7600_Intel_GMA950_by_Tommy_Nagz.zip