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  1. Hi, I don't know if I need this patch, because I can connect to a windows or AppleShared machine; my problem is that the connection speed is veeeery low. using the same exact hardware setting (which includes switch) with Kubuntu I get averages (around 8MBps) 20 times bigger than with MacOSX. I suspect the ethernet driver is not working correctly... Should I apply the patch?
  2. EBIOS Error During Install DVD Boot

    I have a DVD(-RW) for 10.4.5 that shows exactly the same behaviour if I "leave it alone" while booting. On the other hand, if I press F8 several times just after the PC starts reading the DVD (i.e. the usual procedure to choose the partition to boot from) it shows the DVD as a choice to boot from, I select it, and the installation process starts normally. So, the DVD works fine, BUT I have to manually choose it to boot from, or it dies with the "EBIOS Error" message. Try it for yourself before burning dozens of DVD's. And as always, do it on a rewrittable DVD... no need to create tons of coasters...
  3. The Official SATA thread

    Right, where did you find those solutions? I have an ASUS motherboard with VIA SATA southbridge, but the SATA drives are not recognised. I've been unable to find any info (besides thousands of messages in the line of "it works" or "it doesn't") on how to modify the appropiate kext. Thanks!