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  1. XPC General discussion

    yeah sure i use clover sometimes too, especially on efi, i think native efi boot works amazingly, all in all slice made exactly that , that i never had time to but would love to develop myself the other thing is admin has in my opinion only one rule to follow 'don't change anything that works'. so if i already spent years perfectionizing my xpc setup there is certainly no reason to start all over with clover
  2. XPC General discussion

    don't worry, polina is not used to manual configuration of certain things automated by slice in clover like network injection and others related to hardware, i like it he writes this in russian because i was almost thinking every russian would say 'use clover, it is working, it is russian, love your motherland' like the answers i've got on certain russian chats... nothing against slice, i just like xpc, got used to it and i {censored} patriots {censored} asses try adding this to settings.plist поль и сей какст http://yadi.sk/d/RQsz287gB85pa +1 yes it is only because his russian is better not that you won't understand ( actually whats there to understand dsdt stays dsdt kext stays kext
  3. XPC General discussion

    when you install xpc on the hard drive , configuration files aren't copied, just the loader by itself, you have to copy efi folder from usb stick to efi partition on hdd manually to complete the installation http://xpcboot.weebly.com/ here on the bottom of the page there is a pretty nice description on how to do this step by step, if you have further questions, feel free to ask by the way even thou the last xpc build loads 10.9 succesfully, cpu bus speed is a little wrong, even though it is written manually in the plist which leads the clock to go too fast in my case appr. 10 minutes in 2-3 days, witch is no catastrophy, but still gets on the nerves a little bit, especially if you have tv schedule recordings running, would appreciate much this to be fixed €;
  4. XPC General discussion

    thanks for the new improved build, everything is working really awesome incl. 10.9, really appreciate that, xpc is the efi booter of choice for me
  5. Resize MBR partition

    i guess you must disable journaling on hfs+ volume and then you would be able to shrink and enlarge as well. not quite sure, i made this 2 years ago, but worth a try.
  6. Asus AH3650 Silent (AGP) and iPC OSX86 10.5.6

    got same sh*t here with the same card. i'll try to update the bios of the card soon. it works actually somehow, if you delete X2000 kexts from extensions, but leave natit, agpgart and atyinit there. at least, i've got the correct device in the system profiler, it also shows AGP Slot-1 and quartzgl is supported, but it's still too slowand VRAM Size 256 is wrong. strange...i thought if it has the same id number (9596), it should work correctly...i an gonna boot windows and try to update bios rom.