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  1. i have now a gts250, i use this guide with your installer 2.3 ridgeline. But it didn't work, the system cannot know my e5300 pentium and the Nvidia video card. I have chosen this board because of this guide, i dunno how to fix this now. Help me, pleas
  2. Thanks ridgeline. I have a Gainward geforce 210. I did already install 1.4 and it works with the GPU but not like the very perfect first time, this one does not wake up after stand by, it did not boot automatic with your boot in install 2.3. i did update my bios to F8 but i thought, it is not the reason because i did downgrade my bios to F6 again. I try 2 or 3 times, but it was not like the first time. Really don't understand why it did not work. and now the sound dose not work too. my God Here again my system: e5300 geforce 210 512 MB Hdd sata samsung DVD sata LG Help me please, i will try again today. ps: should i do something with the bios?
  3. hi, i did install once again. But this time is not easy like the first, and i don't know why. i did install the 2.3v installer and not like the first, the nvidia GPU does not work, and the OS did not realize the GPU. Now i try to do with the 1.4 installer. Hope it works.
  4. wow, i can't image that i did it now. It works perfect. Thanks to you iRobie, Rigeline, and Tommacosx86. i have this one: Mobo: Giga CPU: e5300@2,6ghz Ram: 3GB GPU: Gainward G210 512MB Lan: work out of box Sound: with the 10.6.2 AppleHD from Tomacosx86 CD: Sata from LG Hdd: Sata from samsung And how do i know? if my GPU work perfectly or not? Could u help me please, i'm just a noob with the hackintosh thanks in advance