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  1. hecker > Not try another keyboard. Why do you think it's a keyboard problem ?
  2. Audio driver Realtek ALC861

    All > Please write in english ( i'am french too but most people doesn't speak french). Omarh > Could you share your kext for ALC861 and write your specfication about your hardware, software, OS,etc ... ? Thanks
  3. Anybody have a idea ?
  4. Hi, I install OSX 10.4.8 kernel Semnthex 8.8.1 on my desktop. When I want to execute on terminal, this command : clear. I get "Bus error" and i have got a great kernel panic ! Then no kernel panic when i use it but always got message "Bus error". Do you know why have got this problem ? Thanks for reply Symbion
  5. OSX and GeForce 7600 GO

    > paco_ : Could you tell how many VRAM do you have ? 128, 256 , 512? If you have 512Mo of VRAM could you post your method and DeviceID,etc ... too please ? > Other people : I try to search people who have 7600Go with 512Mo of VRAM because I read that natit/titan doesn't work at all with 512Mo of VRAM. Who have 7600Go with 512Mo of VRAM ?
  6. Hi, I have a Nvidia 7600Go with 512Mo of VRAM. But the problem is it doesn't work with Natit/Titan because of 512Mo VRAM. Anybody has tested with NvidiaEFI.kext ? I will test this week but if anyone has ever tested i would like know the result. Symbion
  7. OSX and GeForce 7600 GO

    :)Good information but have you got 512Mo of VRAM for your 7600 go card too ? I know that natit/titan don't work with 512mo of VRAM. nVidiaEFI.kext works with 7600Go with 512Mo of VRAM ? Symbion
  8. Realtek ALC 861

    Same problem too, all is greyed. Any body can help us ? Symbion
  9. You can buy an Asrock Conroe945-DVI (Full compatible with OSX 10.4.8), a Pentium D 805 processor. This motherboard is also comaptible with Dual Core processor. See specification of this moterboard and see here http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.4.8 to compatible and not compatible hardware for more information. Symbion
  10. ALC861 model uniwill m31

    where find the appleazalia fix ? Is it compatible with 10.4.8 ? Thanks for your reply.
  11. ALC861 model uniwill m31

    Please share your method or appleazalia. Thanks
  12. ALC861 model uniwill m31

    I have the ALC861 too, and i dont have find a solution. Anyone have find it about ALC 861?
  13. Best motherboard for 10.4.8

    So the best solution is : Motherboard : Asrock ConRoe945G-DVI ( for the prize and compatibily ) CPU : Celeron D ( version 352, 356 or 360 ) Thanks for replies. Symbion