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  1. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    If anyone could find the time, could you please wrap Borderlands, with the 1.30 patch, and all three dlc's, zip it up, post it on a direct download site, and send me the link? OR teach me how to do it myself? Except for the sharing part, i'm new to cider and i want to learn how to wrap my games.
  2. Cider 1430

    Alright i have a bunch of games for windows. Boot Camp failed on my Macbook, twice it erased the OSX partition, the first time it was installed by an Apple Genius. What a mess. The virtual machine i have set up doesn't have the power to run any game. So how would i use Cider to wrap, say, Assassins Creed? I have a ciderized version of Borderlands already and it works really well, but i want to know if i'd be able to use DLC's and the 1.30 patch with it. How would I install those? I'm new to Cider so i don't really know much about it, but i do have a lot of technical experience with macs. Any way you could post a beginners guide?