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  1. Gigabit Connection

    I have been looking around various parts of the internet for a few days trying to figure out what I need to do (or buy) to make gigabit happen, I have a gigabit switch and gigabit router with all the proper cabling (cat5e). I am just trying to find a nic for my hackintosh (preferably native) that will give me as close to a normal gigabit connection as possible. Mobo: X58a-ud3r - Rev1.0 Nic chipset: Realtek 8111E Kext: IONetworkingFamily I have looked at lnx2mac project but it says it is still in beta, is anyone using this with success?
  2. Dvd Drive Lock up

    I tried posting this in the sata controller section but I dont have the rights to apparently. I built my hackintosh, specs: i7 930 Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R mobo 12gb OCZ obsidian 1600 ram 6x2 Samsung DvD-RW (Sata) 2 x 9800gt 1gb The issue I am having for a couple months now is that the DVD drive locks up when in use. If i try to read or write with it, after about 2 minutes it just locks up and is no longer recognized by the system and no longer responds. The button on the front also ceases to work. The only way to get it functional again is to shut the machine all the way off and cold boot it, it stays locked even under windows. When the drive becomes locked the sata chipset also can no longer be recognized by the OS, under system profiler it just says it cant read any of the information. This does not occur with hard drives transferring large amounts of data it only occurs with the dvd drive. The sata chipset is Intel ICH10R my kext are fakesmc jmicron36xSATA IONetworkingfamily Legacy899HDA LegacyAppleRTC SleepEnabler any help is appreciated.
  3. released Update to 10.6.4

    All fixed which, just deleted that kext and it booted right up, it is a pain in the butt to trouble shoot with dual video cards because the OSX dvd wont boot with both of them in there so I have to crack the case and pull one out. Its all working now atleast audio and sleep just fine.
  4. released Update to 10.6.4

    Actually I am having an issue that hasnt been discussed yet, I replaced my AppleHDA.Kext to try and get the sound working, I rebooted the machine and now I am receiving a KP for AppleIntelCPUpowermanagement. Is there anyway I can try to by pass this so I can go in and remove it? it had been working fine previously. I have a GA-x58a-ud3r mobo, 6gig ram i7 930 using chamelon with vanilla kernel.
  5. released Update to 10.6.4

    I just did mine and it broke the audio and suffered from the KP with the sleep enabler. im working on fixing the audio right now.