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    uphuck 1.4i r2 hangs at boot

    You'll need to provide a rundown of the computer's specs as well as a description of exactly when the hang is happening for anyone to be able to help you. I didn't see that bored listed in the wiki, but it does appear that other nForce 650i chipset boards are running fine FWIW.
  2. If apple is serious about keeping osx proprietary, then i imagine that 10.5 will throw up many new roadblocks and snags for the osx86 community to deal with. Besides, even if 10.5 doesn't add any significant hacking challenges, it'll be months before i'd expect the community releases to be stable enough to warent upgrading my current installation.
  3. Dougmwpsu

    Help needed to fix an osx install.

    Thanks superman, i got things working this time around, but that's good information for the next time i want to screw with my partitions. i was using 2 hard drives with two partitions each. I'm still deciding the best way to get the partition sizes to what i want them to be. Should i burn my 3 gig image to dvd, format the drive, partition it how i want, then use disk utility to restore the image to my prefered partition? once i restore the image, can i set it as primary through the darwin boot loader?
  4. Dougmwpsu

    Help needed to fix an osx install.

    It apprears as though my suspicions were correct, when i reformated the ntfs partition, disk utility set it to active. then, when the darwin boot loader was looking for the boot.plist to start osx, it couldn;t find it becuase it was looking in the wrong volume. i copied over the system files to the second partition using the image function of disk utility. that made my system boot per normal into the 100 gig partition as opposed to the orrigional 7 giger. can anyone supply more information about setting up your darwin bootloader and choosing your active partition? how do i switch back to the 7 gig system? how do i take the disk image i created and recover my computer later from a cold reformat?
  5. Hi all, So i've been playing with my osx install for the past few days getting everything tuned how i like it, and i encountered a bit of a snag. i'd had osx installed on the first partition of one of my drives, but the partition was too small, so i was going though steps to move the system to a larger disk. i cleared my second partition of data, then, since osx wouldn't let me reformat a volume on a drive that contained the system volume, i went into the osx86 install cd and used that disk utility to format the ntfs volume and then rebooted. i also created a image backup of my system volume. on reboot i received a com.apple.boot.plist not found error. I assume that this is because somehow disk utility either deleted the file, or it chances which partition was set as active. is there any way i can fix this error without having to repeat days of work? p.s. i tried to search, but every topic i found was about borked install cd issues. thanks all.
  6. Hi all, I was wondering is someone could help me out with my slow hard drive performance. i'm using uphuck 1.4 and everything is working great except for my extremely slow disk transfers. I'm assuming that i don't have drivers for my ata chipset. i'm getting xbench reansfers at around 3 mb/s I'm running an msi neo 2 motherboard with a 865pe intel chipset. i know that the hard drives work correctly in the jas 10.8 release with normal transfer rates. i'm assuming that the gig of ata drivers that jas includes in the install files are what's making the difference. is there anyway of fighureing out of this is a missing kext problem? is there some way of determinign which kext my ata chipset is currently using and moving that extension over to the uphuck install? thanks a bunch! -Doug Edit: When i went to reinstall uphuck, i realized that i must have not installed that intel ich5 drivers. Woops! With the drivers installed, i am now getting good hard drive speeds in xbench. i ended up having to reinstall a bunch of times to get the correct package combination. i needed the disable power mangemnt options to avoid kernl panic and couldn't install agpgart without a 4 language crash just before hitting the "settings cube" one question, will getting agpgart working correctly improve my videocard performance? i have a nvidia 6800gt and am getting scores at around 50 in xbench otherwise everything is working like a charm, i even got ilife(by installing quicktime) and iwork(by editing the version checks) installed and working Horay!
  7. I have a zonet zew1601 which is a pci card that runs the ralink rt61 chipset. It isn't recognised as a pci card in the system profiler, and there is no evidence that the system detects it. i downloaded the mac drivers from the ralink website, but after installation, i still see the same behavior. i know that the card is working, I'm using it in my windows install right now. anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  8. Dougmwpsu

    Two Power Mac G5 Cases For Sale OR Trade

    interested... pics please
  9. Dougmwpsu

    USB mouse not working

    I'm running off the 10.4.7 dvd as well and i had the same issues during installation. after using a ps2 mouse and keyboard i was able to get osx installed, but now i still can't use my usb keyboard and mouse. i know that my usb is working on my VIA chipsets becasue i've been able to get a flash drive to load, for some reason when i plug in my kbs/mouse nothing happens. i read somewhere about using the usbiofamily ktext, but it was an older post from a year ago and shouldn't jas 10.4.7 have all that stuff included anyways? any help in this would be greatly appriciated, Thanks
  10. Dougmwpsu

    10.4.7: no usb mouse or keyboard

    Nevermind, found an existing thread on usbIO issues, will move relavant discussion there
  11. I have a Silverstone Eb01, a set of usb speakers that is not detected upon plugging into my hackintosh. i know that my usb ports are working, becuase the system autodetects my thumbdrive. the usb speakers should work on a mac, because the company says they are plug and play under osx. any ideas?
  12. Edit: Topic changed, see post below. hi all, i have a usb mouse and keyboard and they will not work in the cd installer. i have a via vt8237 southbridge so i think usb should be supported. if i track down a ps2 kbd and mouse will i be able to install? does this mean that my usb will be broken on osx? Thanks -doug
  13. Dougmwpsu

    New JaS DVD

    the new kernel WILL be included, according to Jas, there won't be any differences between the orrigional dvd and the new dvd in the final operating system they create. one again, i'd recommend that everyone stop seeding the current dvd, you're only helping to spread a file that is corrupt.
  14. Dougmwpsu

    New JaS DVD

    hot off the presses, JaS is fixing a few new bugs and releasing a new 10.4.8 build soon on a private tracker for testing and distrubtion. he was orrigionally working on a patch for the corrupted dvds, but decided that it would be better to simply reseed the entire dvd. the new dvd will be based off 10.4.4 with update packages included to bring it up to 10.4.8
  15. is there any way we can fix the iso everyone has downloaded? is it possible to have the bittorrent client check over the corrupted files and redownload the bad sections?