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    anibalin reacted to sash11 in BrcmPatchRAM2 for 10.15 Catalina (Broadcom bluetooth firmware upload)   
    Finally got Bluetooth working on my Dell 1550 card on latest Catalina 10.15.1 build. Put these three kext in Other folder:

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    anibalin reacted to albcc in iMessage Facetime error   
    I found the solution,
    - injected the kext again
    - removed networkPreferences.plist
    - added built-in 01 in my pcie card ethernet as mentioned here
    If you have troubles find the correct pcie for the card use hackintool-> PCI Tab> export data> find your LAN CARD
    Now I Have ethernet en0
    Thanks for the help!

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    anibalin reacted to cecekpawon in Clover Configurator 4.55 breaks audio! be aware!   
    Wow, that would be definitely hurt the developer, so please stop saying that / complaining here without any specific reason. Till now, I believe he still anonymously crawling this site to keep synced with latest Clover changes which is totally hard + boring job, please give him some respect. He was a veteran too in this scene.. These program help lot of (new) clover users including me. Sending bugs report will help him a lot.. for sure.
    BTW I got this error while visiting his site:

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    anibalin reacted to Slice in Clover Change Explanations   
    Rev 4006
    Removed codes differentiated OldWay and NewWay for DSDT fixing. Now NewWay always.
    For those who have old ways fixes set you have to revise config.plist upgrading to new Clover version.
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    anibalin reacted to jrnewell in GTX 980 ti, DP + DVI = black screen. (Sierra 10.12.1)   
    I had a similar issue where it would only work with HDMI and not HDMI + DVI.  Enabling CSM in the bios fixed it for me.
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    anibalin got a reaction from WeBeRiO in Clover General discussion   
    I use AppleLPCInjector.kext for that mather.
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    anibalin reacted to anonymousnbs in Clover General discussion   
    try this and report
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    anibalin reacted to mnfesq in Wake reason: RTC (Alarm) - how to deactivate?   
    My laptop was waking up every two hours like everyone else's here so I used the mdnsresponder files and launch daemons that I downloaded from this thread (post 33), unloaded and then reloaded the mdnsresponder and discoveryd files and it worked well. I got my internet back on and no longer have the laptop waking up on its own. Thanks mcdougal33.
    However, I was unable to upgrade to Yosemite so I downloaded the full 5 GB installer and installed the final version of 10.10 and, with a few quirks in the installation process, it installed correctly.  But I had no internet.  I couldn't remember where the mdnsresponder files go (usr/sbin) and I couldn't remember the terminal commands for unloading and reloading the mdnsresponder and discoveryd files. (Fortunately, I had done it fairly recently so I could use my up arrow in terminal to find them and rerun them.)  But it occurred to me that there should be instructions with the files to explain how to install them so that someone who needs that information and finds that they can't access the internet can get it.  I took the liberty to put one together and add it to the mdnsresponder files that mcdougal33 uploaded in post 33 of this thread.
    mDNSResponder with Instructions.zip
    EDIT - The instructions have been modified to conform to the comments regarding the original instructions below.
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    anibalin reacted to WinstonAce in Clover General discussion   
    Disable all the DSDT patches
    clover doesn't handle Gigabyte's Z97 bios fixes.