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  1. I am just trying this out now and i've found that it doesnt recognise HFS+ volumes? The drives are listed as (NONE) UNLABELED - FS: None Partition: 0xAF (Apple HFS/HFS+, ShagOS swap) Is it still ok if i do a whole disk backup? Will it restore without issues or am i missing something?
  2. Which version are you using? There seems to be a few...
  3. I too would like to know this, in fact exactly what version of Acronis are you using? I have a rather old version that unfortunately doesnt recognise HFS filesystems but 'apparently' if i do a sector-sector backup it should be fine.
  4. HOORAY! Audio through HDMI Finally works! ...Ok enough excitement (For the record, since 10.10.2 i couldnt get HDMI audio to work!) For those of us with Nvidia GTX 660 cards (Mine is the 3GB model), you can get HDMI audio by doing the following; Download and install the 346.01.02f01 web driver Download and install this AppleHDA Kext (Has never failed me): https://mega.co.nz/#!vJtxTSyY!ZdeCUM7WWlBzspzeu14nqISsR-5dqO9e1nhBVdLnM0Y Assuming all went well, once you reboot (for the 2nd time after having installed the AppleHDA kext) you will have beautiful HDMI audio and now be on the latest version of OSX (10.10.3 at the time of typing) Not sure what was changed in the driver/OS, but it works and thats what counts If it helps anyone with diagnosing their own lack of HDMI audio issues, here is my setup: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77-DS3H GPU: GTX 660 (3GB) OSX: 10.10.3 AppleHDA Kext Version: 2.4.7-toledaALC887
  5. Whoops! I do apologize... I have a system backup so am trying some stuff, if all fails i'll give chameleon a go
  6. Hey guys! So something thats started to bother me a little, every so often when i cold boot (or reboot from my Windows 7 HDD), OS X wont boot... It'll just hang with "Still waiting for root device..." , if i reboot a few times it seems to start working... This isnt really acceptable for me. Here is my system setup: Asus P5B-VM - AHCI for the JMicron Controller (Only thing that even mentions AHCI) is ON Storage Kexts installed (That i know of): AHCI_3rdParty_SATA // AppleAHCIPort // ApplePCIIDE (For my IDE Drives?) // IOATAFamily // JMicronATA. I'm not really too sure whats going on, i've setup hackintosh systems before but this symptom, as in, how its happening is new to me. All the drives in the machine pass their health checks so i dont think its drive failure. Installed Drives: 2x IDE Drives (One is a media drive, the other is for Windows. It should be noted that there was a Windows OS on a SATA drive and this problem was there then too.) 1x SATA Drive (SATA Port 1) - OS X Mavericks (10.9.2) Bootloader: Chimera v2.2.1 DSDT? : Yes, compiled with DSDT Patcher GUI (Let me know if you guys need this, it did fix some issues i had with ethernet but as far as i know thats all it did.) Any assistance/information is appreciated! Quick edit! : It should also be noted that trying rd=diskX doesnt seem to work...
  7. iCloud refuses to log me in.

    Only SMBIOS kext there is in my S/L/E is: AppleSMBIOS.kext
  8. iCloud refuses to log me in.

    Hey guys, Im going to explain exactly what happened in order for this problem to have even emerged. Yesterday, i wanted to use my old iBook with MobileMe in order to get some up to date stuff i had without having to transfer it manually via USB. So i tried signing into MobileMe on my iBook, that failed and i assumed it was because i was signed into iCloud. So i signed out of iCloud on my hackintosh and tried again. Still failed, so i gave up. I tried to sign back into iCloud and...damn, cant do it! I get the same error no matter what i put in the login/password box. "Apple ID is valid but not an iCloud account" Any ideas on howto fix? Any info/help is appreciated. Here are some pre-answered questions so as to avoid you having to ask them yourself. Does your ethernet work, and if so is it en0? Yes, and yes. What is your SMBios? MacBook5,1 Whats your bootloader? Chameleon (Latest ver. out as i updated earlier in hope that it would fix the problem) Are you using any special bootloader updaters/modifiers? Yes, Champlist.app Can you sign into the Mac App Store? Yes, and i have successfully downloaded XCode and Twitter, and installed them. What have you tried already? 1.) Updating chameleon to latest. 2.) Switching to Chimera, and making sure it was latest version. 3.) Deleting all network services and the 2 .plist files (NetworkInterfaces.plist and com.apple.network.identification.plist) and then reboot, and then re-add services starting with Ethernet first. 4.) Trying numerous SMBios configurations, including the default values provided when lion was first installed. What are your systems specs? HP Compaq 6910p 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo Processor 3GB RAM Intel X3100 GPU (144MB) Mac OS Lion 10.7.2
  9. HP6910p DSDT Help?

    Hey guys, So with SL running on my HP6910p laptop, a few issues have arisen like overheating, some hardware not working, etc... I am hoping someone can take a look at this DSDT, and hopefully fix it. It unfortunately contains 50 or so errors, all roughly the same. (Object does not exist!). The DSDT: http://www.mediafire.com/?vul1hfned5dv6ld Main issues i hope to get fixed: Overheating/Power management. - Every 4-5 seconds the CPU fan comes on and really hot air exits from the vents. This doesnt occurr in XP so i am assuming its a Mac OS/DSDT issue. The overheating issue also appears to affect the trackpad, making it act very erratically. Hardware: SDHC Slot - Isnt recognized at all, i believe its on the PCI Bus and not USB. Sleep - Cant be done at all, assuming its a DSDT issue. Other issues, like the PCMCIA Slot are low priority to me and i am not too bothered about if its fixed or not. Anyone who is able to help me solve any of the issues above, whether its just one issue solved or more, i will gladly pay for their time. -Thanks in advance for any help/information given. PS: The overheating/powermanagement issue i think is also related to a powermanagement.bundle file, i tested this by getting a powermanagement bundle that had acpi support, the system was cooler and the fan ran a bit more but it caused the battery to not be detected at all as well as shutting off the wifi constantly.
  10. [RESOLVED] This issue i was having has been resolved. For those who cant get VoodooBattery to work, so they end up getting kernel panics, i suggest trying the file i have attached below. Its a modified ACPIBatteryManager.kext, works great for me. Not had 1 kernel panic so far, only tiny problem is that sometimes it will get the % wrong BUT it does calculate the remaining time correctly so theres no worry of it shutting off without telling you. Enjoy! Credit to its creator/modifier, unfortunately i donot recall the forum i got this from so i donot know whom to credit. AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext.zip
  11. Installed! But....

    Ok, major editing time... Removed all the useless junk I'll get straight to the point. I have snow leopard installed, but the GPU does not work. I've managed to tweak around to get it to work slightly (via GraphicsEnabler), but theres no QE/CI. If i disable GraphicsEnabler i get half-black half purple screen like its been damaged or something. I am using a Natit.kext and while booting, twice appears "Selecting GMAX3100", yet this happens. I seem to have fixed most other things like sound/etc... Just he GPU, and battery (VoodooBattery keeps kernel panicking.) If i boot in 64Bit mode, i at least get 800x600, but still no quartz/etc. The GPU is an Intel GMA X3100 and the device ID's/etc... are below. I have tried so many combinations of kext files for this GPU i cant even remember how many i've tried! -Any info is greatly appreciated, and if someone manages to permanently solve the problem for me, there will be a reward for you. I just really cant get this to work, and also im on 10.6.3, since thats the minimum needed for iLife 09, which is what i want to use.
  12. Keep getting this kernel panic, no idea why. What was i doing at the time: Attempting to run Doom III Whats my setup? Asus Eee PC 901 30GB ZIF Drive 2GB RAM 10.6.7 with mach_kernel_atom System is up to date with stuff from Software Update app
  13. Hey guys, i managed to get snow leopard working on my Eee PC, but 2 things are wrong so far, 1 is minor and may be solved easily i hope, the other i think is quite serious. At every bootup, i get this "The disk inserted is not readable by this computer." Now, i know its not the HDD SL is installed on thats causing that error, so the only thing left is the internal 4GB SSD, is there any way to solve this? I have tried the following to no avail: Formatting in all formats the system can support, they all succeed but the device cant be written too (Unknown error occurred (-50) ). The other problem is with a game, Doom III to be exact, it runs, but i cant load any sort of map/level, i always get a kernel panic. A picture has been attached. For your courtesy in helping me solve this, every major step i took to get Snow Leopard installed AND WORKING has been listed below: Installed the Chameleon bootloader RC4 to my USB HDD volume "OSX" Inserted SL install DVD into my MacBook Installed SL to my USB HDD onto volume "OSX" Set SL up with settings i desired. Aquired a program called "GetBackup" Cloned the USB HDD Volume "OSX" directly to the Eee PC Internal ZIF drive. Re-Installed Chameleon Bootloader RC4 (Simply copied over "Boot" file) Shutdown Eee PC and removed USB HDD Now booting from internal ZIF drive. Installed applications i desired. Installed nessecary kext files (Audio,GMA950 etc...) Installed 10.6.7 --FAILURE--: System would not boot from internal ZIF drive anymore, re-inserted USB HDD and booted from "OSX" volume. Installed 10.6.7 legacy kernel from: http://blog.nawcom.com/?p=640 Shutdown Eee PC and booted from internal ZIF drive. System is now functional again. CURRENT: Installed some games: Half-Life/World Of Goo/Worms Reloaded/DOOM III Kernel panic! - Doom III wont load any maps/levels, when loading bar reaches the end, system kernel panics. -Any help is appreciated! This may be usefull too: Asus Eee PC 901 30GB Internal ZIF Drive 4GB SSD (Not usable) Intel GMA 950 GPU Chipset Snow Leopard 10.6.7