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  1. FreelanceSwitch has a great article on this: http://freelanceswitch.com/freelancing-ess...elance-problem/ The best way really is to keep all your records. Make sure to write detailed invoices and contracts and keep track of your bank statements. Your bank statement and tax returns will be your go-to proof of insurance. I've heard for apartments and such (maybe not credit cards, but cant hurt to try) a contract with a client who makes recurring payments may also work. I don't do a lot of projects at once (I've moved into more expensive projects, but not as many), so I use InvoiceMachine (the free version lets you send 3 invoices per month) to do my invoicing and Mint to keep track of my expenses. FreshBooks, Ronin, and Ballpark are more robust if you handle a higher volume of clients. I went through about a six month period where I had to transition into supporting myself solely with freelance work after getting laid off (I'm a web designer). I'm was part time since I'm still in college, but I still had to deal with losing $1200/month income. Freelance Switch is pretty much my best friend.
  2. why is there no mkv converter for mac?

    Handbrake is probably your best option. The newer versions will only convert to MP4s, which are playable on your PS3. Older versions converted to AVI and are out there on the net if you Google enough :] I"ve heard of some people having success simply renaming .mkv files to .avi or .mp4. MKVs aren't necessarily different types of files, they're just containers with more options for mencoder/ffmpeg/divx files. I *think* higher quality video encoders are starting to use MKV because it has the option of including more dynamic menus/subtitles all packaged within the file. But if the file is simply a divx video enclosed in an mkv, renaming it might work. There's also PS3 media server, which will stream and encode almost any kind of video on the fly from your computer to your PS3. Hi def video can be a little bumpy if your processor isn't up to encoding it fast enough to watch, though. http://ps3mediaserver.blogspot.com/
  3. Selling great hackintosh

    do you have any photos / an asking price? :]