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  1. I thought it was just an install procedure issue. Once you get into programming its out of my league. There is some info here might help out: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=219835 Prasys's blog site seems to be down right now too. There were two versions of 1.085r2 I recall, have you tried the other one just for a laugh? I wonder if the BIOS has something to do with it? You may wish to try [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] as well, works really good on a couple machines friends built. http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/04/ibo...ac-os-x-on.html Sorry can't be more help...
  2. After the install OS X partition (or drive) still can't boot by itself until you install the "My hack" from the cd...so yes once the install is complete, restart with 1.085r2 disc, install the "my hack" on the OS X partition (or drive)once loaded and then you should be able to boot. Once you boot off the empire efi disc, you should see your new partition (or disc) in the list of drives and should be able to load OS X from there. If you select the OS X partition (or drive) and it still does the same thing then I don't know. Try reformating and installing again? Or perhaps a seperate hard drive for OS X? Mine didn't give me any errors on the install. You have the Dell bios set up as per empire efi page (AHCI and all that?). Do you know what bios # your machine is? Mine is A15. Let us know how it goes. Sorry not more help.
  3. The first time you do this it seems kind of daunting but no reason it should not work. I have xps 9000 as well, same specs as yours but with GT 240 card and only 6GB ram. You do have empire EFI 1.085r2, correct? Anyway, it sounds to me like you are perhaps shutting it off early...I did that too but when you get the scrolling and it stops for a bit LEAVE IT for 30 seconds or so, in fact go have a glass of water or beer or something and when you come back it should be ok. Just to confirm, you boot off empire cd. When prompted eject that and put in OS X disc and hit F5, as soon as you see the OS X installer come up, select disk utilities from menu across the top and partition drive you want even if only 1 partition (make sure to select options and use GUID as format). Once done, close disc utility, then follow instructions to install OS X on that drive. Keep an eye on it near the end of progress bar, and when it wants to restart computer do so but pop the OS X disc out and put the empire cd back in and boot off that (use F12 for boot options if needed and select cd drive - otherwise it won't boot off hard drive yet and will go next available boot device or simply stop) It will be slow and choppy, with no sound. Don't worry about that for now. Once in 10.6.3, install "myhack" off the cd, make sure to customize install and select graphics enabler. This allows you to boot off the hard drive and sets you up for selecting the card. Once that is done open Studio EFI (also on cd) and select card as 9800GT 1024MB or whatever is closest to your card. Then open kext helper...drag voodoohda into kext helper window, enter password and select 'easy install". Then open kext utility and run that. Reboot. There is some info on these boards if you search xps 9000. Also entire install procedure is posted on youtube with an xps 9000. Hope that helps.Post when you get it sorted out.
  4. Just a couple tidbits. Installed third drive and put OS X on it and it works like a charm. Drag and drop no issues between the OS X discs, all is well. Very nice. Computer is pretty fast, 8600 (give or take, seems to vary a bit) on Geekbench 64 bit. Plan on adding wireless shortly I see Dell just released a new BIOS for the XPS 9000, A16. Not sure I am going to upgrade, this thing has been rock solid since last post, don't want to mess with it (said something about intel microcode on description). Also, there is no provision for overclocking on this machine, Dell has that locked down with very basic BIOS...
  5. You know apple knows you pirated when...

    yes you do!! Point being lots of people have supported them over the years and even turned people to the OS and now feel neglected because apple is all about iProducts. So I don't feel bad running OS X on one machine when I have many other apple computers here as well. I needed an upgrade and apple has nothing.
  6. You know apple knows you pirated when...

    Exactly!!! I was an apple fan before it was cool to have apple branded stuff, G3's, G4's, G5, wife has iMac, two Macbooks, iPad, iPhone....sorry not dropping 3 K for a 1.25 year old design desktop with crappy video card. If apple hates that then get somewhat competitive already....at least they are selling peripherals/software and really they don't seem to care about computers anymore. Gee I sound a bit annoyed.....
  7. 10.6.4 Update Released

    Probably not much help but they do mention this error code further down the page. http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/100/1008779.html#...vation%20errors
  8. 10.6.4 Update Released

    Updated and no issues. Removed SleepEnabler first and just for a laugh put it back in and restarted, Kernel Panic. So removed it and all is well. Geekbench shows a bit faster, Cinebench 11.529 shows OpenGL is a bit slower (5%) but CPU test is the same...could just be test variations. Happy!
  9. Windows disc is untouched. Empire brings up a log in screen that shows available discs but on mine the windows one won't load from there. Easy to just fit F12 on reboot and select the drive you want as boot device if you want windows. Empire defaults to OS X disc on boot, so if you do nothing (or miss the F12 command) you just end up in OS X again. First time took a while as wasn't sure what I was doing, after that its easy. Sound was my only real issue, easily fixed with research and help from others. I was going to write a small guide but the info is already out there, youtube even has a video of somebody installing OS X on a XPS 9000, but the version shown in that video did not work for me. That video will show you how, will also list the other things you need (EFI Studio to enable video card, Kext helper for installing sound kext if required, kext utility for rebuilding permissions) and the extra kexts you may or may not need. First time you do it, Empire will seem to stop partway through with the white command lines on black background while booting off CD...don't freak, just leave it alone for a while, after about 30 seconds it carries on and boots machine for you. These are the little things nobody tells you, its possible the other versions might work as well as perhaps I stopped them too soon but I do know the 1.085r2 works good (there are two, use the one that says for laptops and also desktops with GTxxx cards..."). Also, when you restart after installing OS X it will be real choppy and slow, skipping etc. This is because you need to use Studio EFI to select 9800GT as your video card..until that point it doesn't work real great. Once enabled you are rocking. Dell BIOS is A15 I think (have to check). Also a guy has to think about installs that might alter the Bios, as far as I know that is the only thing that will affect both systems at once (ie, turn off you windows autoupdate because it might install something and kill the effort). You can't drag and drop from one disc to another, not sure if that is an OS issue or (I think it is since the discs are formatted differently)...?? I plan to try that out with a third disc with OS X on it and see how that goes. Oh yeah, don't have wireless card so can't say if that will work either, just FYI. Good luck
  10. Dell Studio XPS 9000

    I have XPS 9000 with i7 920 (2.66GHz), 6GB 1066 RAM, GTS 240, two drives (stocker 750GB plus added a 1TB for OS X), dual monitors. I have read some people have issues with the 260 cards so might want to research that a bit before pulling the trigger. The GTS 240 is basically a 9800GT so that makes it easy to set up with EFI Studio, I'm not a big gamer so I'm ok with that card (it works good though 1920 x 1020) x 2 monitors. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi.../t183886-0.html I used Empire EFI 1.085r2, worked well. Needed one kext for sound help and that was about it. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1473578 Everything works except system profiler can't access some info but I'm ok with that...it could be fixed but don't want to mess with system as very stable. My post is last one in this thread with some additional info: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=205088 If you go to youtube somebody on there has video installing OS X on XPS 9000, basically follow that. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  11. Three Post Install Problems

    Not sure if it will help or not, but if you click on link and scroll down a bit there is a installer listed under "FIXES" called "AboutThisMac.pkg.zip". It worked for me, might work for you as well. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=200183
  12. Post your Geekbench score

    Dell XPS 9000 2.66 Empire EFi 1.085r2...results seem about right (??), run in 32 bit: (was going to build my own but with prices and discounts this was cheaper way to go for me) Update, 64 Bit Geekbench, no other changes = 8662
  13. Just thought I might add my info here and it might help somebody out. I have a XPS 9000 with the GTS 240 (2 DVI and 1 s-video out) and i7 266GHz and it worked fine out of the box. VoodooHDA took care of sound control (thanks to an updated version posted in these boards). I used Empire EFI 1.085r2 and retail 10.6.3. I am a complete noob at this, so if I can do it, anyone can. Added second drive (1TB WD) just for OS X. Only issues so far: Empire EFI comes up with 3 icons on boot, apple disc, generic disk, and PC disc. PC disk will not load ("No Boot Loader") so i just use F12 if I want Windows, Apple disc loads fine (automatically if you just leave it) and the generic disc will **** you up if you choose it...LOL Not sure what that is about so just don't do it (boot 0 error which I could not recover after messing with terminal etc so just re-installed). DVI to HDMI will not work (blank screens at bootup) but apparently this is pretty common from what I read, even with "real" Macs. Dual DVI works fine., DVi to SVGA works fine, have not tried s-video port. System profiler shows as mac mini (LOL), most items do not come up properly. I assume this has to do with what they used to build the EFI, does not appear to affect performance. I have been looking at some mods to make all this functional, but everything is so stable hate to mess with it. Have not tried eSata port yet. Firewire, ethernet, usb ports (+hubs and devices), card readers all work out of the box...system is fast and stable, QE works, etc. If anyone wants more info, or to run performance tests etc let me know and I will try to help. Steep learning curve here, trying to gather as much as I can (long time Mac user, kinda annoyed with the ignoring of their desktop line and long time supporters in favour of the iPhone, iPod, iPad and all the other iStuff). Hope that helps.
  14. Well after lurking for a while, I decided to register just so I could download the needed file and also say a big THANK YOU!!! Volume control works fine now, I am very happy...it was the one issue that really bugged me with my 10.6.3 Dell XPS 9000. So a big thank you to everyone who helps out the noob, it is much appreciated!