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  1. I tried to do a raid across the intel southbridge seperate from the MAC OSX disc. MAC saw them as completely seperate drives, So I doubt you can do it outside of MAC without an official Hardware card. But I could be wrong. I wanted to raid 0 my win7 and leave MAC on its own disc, but still have access via virtual machines. So if you can figure this out, I would be interested. I would suggest using each chipset to make a raid 0, and then booting into the Apple installer and running disk utility.. see if any of the Raids are viewed as a single drive... If they are then you should be good, if not, then I wouldn't try it.
  2. I have this same board and graphics card. I have no problems with reboot or shutdown, even sleep seems to work. What I did was I used Kakewalk to install the Upgrade disc to my HD, then installed the KakeWalk bootloader for the x58a-ud3r. I had already gotten a pure vanilla DSDT from an ubuntu live cd, and using d00ds tutorial, modified it. Added VoodooHDA.kext for sound and I had to add an R1000SL.kext for networking, but otherwise everything seems to be golden. I compared my dsdt to CantankerousCoder's diffs to make sure i hadn't forgotten anything.