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  1. I could never get my osx screen work (all scrambled) so I have to follow Method B. Method B asked me to go to step 6 of Method A which then told me to view the osx using a second computer by vnc but I could not even switch on screen sharing on my osx because of the scrambled screen, so how could I use vnc? I am posting this because the "screen never worked" method seems to need a "screen that worked" condition to "work". My computer has a dual boot (windows 7 and osx). I have tried using an external monitor but the screen just gets stretched and I could never find the icon of system preferences. Please help. And thank you for your guide.
  2. Lifebook s6410 Users

    Hey Tim0288 and Eternity, Thank you very much. Your post helped me a lot but I have the graphics problem as many of us s6410 users had. After setting the user account I DID NOT reboot immediately but installed SwitchReX4. I tried to create a 1280x800 resolution customize but the SwitchRex did not show the usual "need to reboot". ("Need to reboot" was shown when I create a custom 1280X768. I have already disabled all the other resolutions. (there are like 20 or 30 of them). Then I reboot and I screwed up my screen (black then getting white with many many lines) I could go into the mac os now but the screen screwed up. I tried to connect to external monitor but only part of the screen was shown so I could not fix the kexts through the external monitor. I know this is a quite late reply to your post but I really hope you could help! I am using iAtkos v7 Thanks!