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  1. so after a hard day's work yesterday i managed to get the JaS 10.4.7 running. programs worked (except for itunes which said i don't have enough ram after i updated it to the 7th version), but i had a 1024x768 resolution, which kinda sucked. so i thought i install the macvidia driver to change my res to native and at rebot my LCD (sony SDM-HX 53S) showed an "out of range" 65,7 Hz / 85 Hz warning and staied black. i wanted to go to the macvidia homepage, but it seems like it's down, so i came here and read all kinds of posts about possible fixes. i tried the Graphic Mode = 1280x1024@85, the same thing with 60, then i tried adding the boot key into the com.apple.Boot thingy but still same result. i just can't get the thing working. did i miss something? i have an Nvidia FX 5500 256MB. is there any way to configure the macvidia driver over command line? (starting with -s -x -v flag, fsck -fy etc.) would really be cool if someone could help